My Best Friend

A Diary Entry of The Most Important day of my life


1. The One Day

My White Dress flew behind me in the night air, hay stacks all around us in an old deserted field, the sound of hooves to break the tention of both our feelings, we had to run, there was nothing else to do but that i couldnt stand not seeing my beloved Midnight again, they had decided a long time ago what they were gunna do but i was having none of it behind me i could hear there bitter voices shout both our names "Lily!", "Midnight!" her ears flinced slightly when she heard those words but she would only react to my voice, not thinking of anything else she would just do it. As we stumbled further into the night we both became tirersome but couldnt stop now not after all this effort, my blonde hair flew backwards in time with her long black main her brown fur getting struffier by the second, what was before a perfectly snow white dress was now a crumbly grey mess i soon had slowed her down and now jumped from the saddle on Midnights broud back it was now the time we had now both lost the will to do any more what ever would happen now would happen because of my stupid mistake, i slowly stroked her nose in time with her fur and rest my head against hers, A tear fell slowly down my face smudging my make-up on its journey down to my cheek i smelled her sweet fur and gave her the last polo mint i had left in my pocket that was the last time i made contact with her, the last time i saw her, that was the one day we both had left and then it was over.

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