It's Over Now

A poem about a relationship that breaks apart


1. It's Over Now

It started from nothing, came right out of the blue

I never expected to feel this for you,

Could it be that you feel the same

I hope this isn't just a game.

When we are together I melt inside

When you kiss me, I just cannot hide,


How special I felt, total bliss

Now all I want is one last kiss.

We got along so well, we were such a pair

Maybe for you the attraction  wasn't there,

When we touched, we would both shake

Do you regret it, was this a big mistake?


Was all of this just a fantasy to me

didn’t you see the love I see;

we were so close, it all felt right

How can you just simply end it tonight?

What can I do now, I have no clue

I cannot forget the love I had for you,


Tell me please, is there a way back for me

Or am I just a part of your history?

I wish I could explain just how I feel

but maybe to you it's no big deal,

you seemed so happy, I never would have known

it’s over now, and I am left on my own

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