Detective Mittens - Crime Scene Investigator

This is a poem i wrote for english class. We had the theme "Crime Stories" and I started and finished my essay with a couple of rhymes (Prologue and Epilogue)
I handed in a version with just the rhymes, and a version with the essay in between.

the poem makes a crimestory itself. (My teacher liked the one without the essay best)
This is what I wrote.


1. Detective Mittens

It was a dark and storm-full night.

She grabbed the victim, and held him tight.

She raped the man, took a knife.

Cut a scar, and took his life.


Detective Mittens walked in the park a quiet night.

He saw something awkward, an unusual sight.

A male body with bite-marks and scars.

He was scarified from forehead to jaws.


It was the third in this week, a murderer was loose.

Detective Mittens drank some juice,

Thought for himself "I'm going to find this killer"

It shivered down his spine, He began his adventurous thriller.


A fog-filled morning he found this killer

Saw her in action, a real chiller

The murder got arrested, 10 years in prison

10 years of boredom, and boredom was the reason.


The last victim, did not survive

All because of Cynthia's contrive.

And Detective Mittens continued solving crimes,

He got promoted from time to time.

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