Without a word...


1. Falling for him.

Without a word… By Jessica Rapley


   I miss him. It has been two days, just two days, since I last saw him, but my heart feels as if it would fall to a million pieces if I couldn’t see him once again. He’s the cause of my maddening desire for a fulfilled heart and I will not rest until I know that he feels the same way as me. Decisively pacing back and forth, staring at the only picture I have of him, I came to the conclusion that I was going to see him, right now.

Leo has never been far from my thoughts; in fact, he ever left them. Since our first meeting on Saturday his presence in my mind has been unmovable. What is he doing?... Am I on his mind?... Does he feel the same way? Questions filled my mind as I watched the front door, edging towards it as if it was a magnet and I was an iron filing. Although I may sound like an obsessive psychopath, I honestly don’t care. I need him, I want him and above all, I love him. I finally grabbed my bag and keys, and walked into the night.   The 20 minute drive to his place seemed to take forever but by the time I actually got there, I wanted to run away like a coward. As I tentatively knocked, I suddenly realised I didn’t know what I was going to say... He opened the door partially, revealing a messy, green eyed and crazy, red haired Leo. It was clearly another one of his ‘sick’ days off work. “Hello?” Panic! I hesitated in my response but realised I had to say something before he left; “Urm… Hey, Leo. It’s me, Willow, hmm… can I come in?” “Oh, hey... Well yeah, sure.”  Relief struck me as he courteously welcomed me to his small apartment, I started to worry, and he sounded tired and fed up. What if this goes wrong? I can’t lose him…


“Willow, you can come in.” Not taking notice that I was frozen and speechless standing outside, I stepped inside, scrambling my words. Everything felt so awkward. He gestured toward his main living area, and guided me to the love seat before taking a seat himself. I straightened up, preparing myself for what I was about to say. Although it could lead to pure embarrassment, the desire was too much to be left. I took a slow deep breath, hoping that I wouldn‘t screw up. “So, I’ve been thinking out how our friendship has grown…” I began, realising how stupid I sounded, hoping that he wouldn’t make me feel any more like a fool. “…And I really want what’s happening to become more than just friendship.” I took a breath. “Leo…I love you.” Leo seemed to move with an inhuman speed and within seconds he was right next to me, only inches away. I could feel my heart exploding, as our eyes met in almost a hypnotic way. His eyes brought me closer, until our noses met. My heart beating faster and faster… He tilted his head, pressing his lustrous lips against my ear and whispered; “I‘m yours.” Exhaling I fell against his shoulder, with a tear of joy resting on my cheek. Leaving my number on the table, I left, without another word.

I waited. I waited, sat on my bed, and stared at my phone, ready to pounce on it, anticipating the joy of hearing his boisterous voice. Why will he not end my suffering and call me? Suddenly, it rang. Literally leaping onto the phone, I grasped it and causally composed myself to take control of the situation. “Hello?” “Err, hey.” I spoke as normally as I could, containing my excitement, which was about to erupt. “I… I was just thinking, with Valentine’s day coming up and everything…” He paused, and I erupted with word vomit. “..And you want to meet up and take me out for a surprise, yes?” “Pick you up at 8.” “It’s a date.” The quickest conversation lasting less than a minute was like a lifetime of my thoughts piled into one part. How could it have been that easy? It’s like living in a dream…


   So by this point I guess you’re thinking; what would a girl like me find in a boy like him? Obviously, I’m a girl of high intelligence and the complete opposite of a crazy guy going absolutely nowhere in his life but love can only strike once in a person’s life and when it hits you, it hits you hard. I’ve gone through times thinking that maybe I am in love, maybe he’s the one, but it was different this time. From the moment I first laid eyes on him and he was in my mind, he never left. Now I’m not the sort of person that falls helplessly in love whenever I see a cute guy, but it seemed as if I knew him just by looking into his eyes, as if we had known each other for a lifetime within just a glace. Now that I have him, I don’t plan on letting him go.


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