The Prison at the Centre of the Earth

It's been a year since the end of the world. James is one of the only survivors , the ones who didn't die. And now he wants to know why...


1. The first assault

I hop the crumbling wall with ease. It's nearly sunset, and that's when the patrol starts. All of us know that you don't want to be out at sunset. That's when they come out. They came a few months ago. We were at the town, just me and Olly, (it was his birthday) when we heard it. So did everyone else who was on Earth. It started off as a low hum, nothing strange. Then they came. No one ever saw them fully, just their large, almost paw-like hands shooting out from the ground, searching for a target. When they found one they would grab the persons ankle and drag them down under. The first to die was a small boy, about six, who's curiousity got the better of him. That's when panic set in.

Me and Olly ran as if our life depended on it (which it did). We had figured in the split second we were given that they probably could only go so high staying underground. It was Olly's idea to get as high as we could. Some others tried to follow but they were too slow. I saw some friends of ours get dragged under when I looked back. We couldn't stop to mourn though, because if we did we would die too. So we kept on running, until we found ourselves on a helicopter pad. You couldn't get much higher so we figured we would be safe.Wrong. One of the creatures had stumbled after us. It was a hideous thing. It seemed all of them were different. This particular one was humanoid, with pincers for hands and crab-like legs. In fact it so closely resembled a crab it would have been funny, if it weren't for the current situation. The fear quickly dissapeared though, as this creature was clearly dying.

The creature slumped off the building before hitting the ground with a sickening crunch. That seemed to act as a signal of retreat. The horror went as suddenly as it had appeared. We breathed a sigh of relief, before looking down at the carnage below. Now, their was a problem...

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