Whispering Truth

Bridget tries to run from her horrible past but the truth can never be gone for long and it will come back.But Can Bridget ever run away from the truth forever?


1. The Horrible Truth

When i found out my name Bridget in Irish in strong means strong and also means beautiful and Lucky.I laughed,I am not strong,beautiful but most of all Lucky.No i am a sad,plain and unlucky orphan.My day which i thought was my best turned out to be the worst.I had just came from school with news i had been given a scholarship for free.After all,my parents had not enough money to buy me brand new school books.I had actually been asked by the hottest guy ever Mathew Jordan.But those days i actually dressed up,flirted and made a effort to dress i had been wearing a yellow dress that i had bought months ago.I had run to my house after school with the good news and had found my house door open.

"Mom,Dad,Bailey"i called out.

No response.I stepped in the door it was quiet too quiet just the sound of the wind normally our house was loud with my 14 year old sister Bailey having her tantrums.I tried to switch on the light but it didn't work did my dad forget to pay the bills.I put my bag on the floor and looked around.Tap Tap.I truned around i had heard a sound I picked up my old baby umbrella and put it in front of me in case of any unwanted people.

"Hello is anyone there"i shouted.No response just a gentle tapping.

I picked up the umbrella and walked to where i heard the tapping the Kitchen.There's a unfamiliar smell.I walk to the Kitchen   and try to switch on the light.Finally some light i thought i heard some movements i look to my right and scream.Cause there was my parents body drained out of blood and Dead.I run to my parents bodies.

"Mom,Dad Help"i scream tears falling from my face.I look around somethings missing Bridget.

"Bridget"i shout and turn to look for my sister.Just spotting a note on blue paper.I stare at the Note and read it scared.

You think you have the most perfect Life don't you this is for all you have been born with.Your Probally look for your sister aren't you she might be safe if you run or she will die like your parents.

I re-read the text i dont recgnize the handwriting.I look for my black horse Hunter.I pack a few of my stuff some clothes,food,money,lipstick and portraits and albums of me and  my family and run to the stable.Is Hunter ok i think.I look at my pretty black horse i get up on my horse.My phone rings a message from my best freind Melissa.

What did your parents say about the scholarship mine over moon how r u see u 2mmrow.

 I stare at the message and throw my phone but hiding the note and my wallet with pictures of my family,me and Mathew.I cry.Run Hunter run i whisper and Hunter runs out off the house my neighbours run to see me galloping away from a house of murder.

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