Man In The Mirror


1. The man in the Mirror!

I look in the mirror and see a man, who is staring back at me.

I don't know who he is, because he's not the man I want to be.

He puts a smile on, while inside he is falling apart.

He says, "I'm okay", as pain fills his heart.

He pretends not to care, as everyone slowly walks away.

He hides behind his mask, and pretends to be okay.

He is scared to open up, and call someone his best friend.

They all turn out the same, and never really care in the end.

He is scared to let people close; it always ends up as heartache.

He decides to trust someone, but it always ends up as a big mistake.

He feels like a stranger in his own home, like he doesn't even belong.

He tries the best he can, but it always seems to be wrong.

He freezes up at the word "love", People throw it around too much.

His muscles constrict, as he is afraid to be touched.

He has ideas for the future, Hopes and dreams of his own.

But he doesn't hold his breath, because disappointment is all he has ever known.

He asks, "Why am I never good enough", "Why am I always second choice"?

People tell his he's got to stand up for what he wants; He's got to find his own voice.

I know who I want to be, it’s all so much clearer.

But the fact of life is; I'm only the man in the mirror.

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