Hey, I Remember Your Name

Eclipse and Juudai's relationship was sabotaged by Rei, a year passes. Juudai dates the new girl May, Eclipse still hungover on Juudai, recives help from Lelouch. But inside Eclipse is dying...


1. HeartBreak

"Why are you going out with her?" A brunette looked up from his work to see a familiar bluenette, Shou. Juudai smiled. "Well, she's sweet." Juudai spoke, glancing to the other side of the room where a female brunette was sitting. Currently she wasn't looking, she was too busy drawing. "And that's just one point." Judai chuckled. A scoff came from Juudai's other side. "More like sour." It was Rei who spoke, with a glare on her face. Juudai couldn't believe one of his friend had just said that! "Rei! That was mean!" Juudai glared, folding his arms. "She has a point though." Shou said, holding up his index finger. Juudai was shocked that his friends would act in this way! "Look you guys!" Juudai almost yelled, catching their attention. "No matter what, you can't change our feelings!" Rei and Shou rolled their eyes with a chuckle. Juudai was now fed up, he scoffed and stood up. "I give up!" He yelled, walking off to get some paints. Somehow those three words to Rei and Shou were confermation to a break up! Shou sighed and looked to Rei. "I didn't want to do that." Shou said, looking down. "Well, you had to." Rei glared. "This is my one chance to be with Juudai." Shou glared at her. "And you had to do that by forcing me to help sabotage their relationship?" Shou almost shrieked. Rei simply shrugged. "Well at least he's mine now." Rei said, getting up and walking over to Eclipse. "Oh hey, Rei." Eclipse said with her cheerful smile. "Yeah, yeah whatever." Rei rolled her eyes. "Listen Juudai wanted me to tell you that you're dumped. Bye." With that Rei walked back to her seat, leaving a wide eyed Eclipse in her seat. Something slid down her cheek. A tear.

-One Year Later-

Eclipse laughed at Jake's joke. Followed by the rest of the group. On the outside, Eclipse seemed happy and cheerful, but inside she was aching badly. One year since that day, the day her heart turned to ashes... "So, what are you doing this weekend, Eclipse?" The voice knocked Eclipse out of her thoughts. Lelouch had spoken, he was a raven haired boy with blue eyes. "Uhm...I might be going to the fair..." Eclipse said, absent mindedly. "Mind if I come?" Lelouch asked, with a smile. "Not at all, I could use a friend." She smiled. The group continued to talk for a while until a purple haired girl came running down with a raven haired girl. "Sorry I'm late guys!" The purple hared girl chuckled. This was Caitlyn, she had hazel eyes. "I had to show May around." She said pointing at the raven haired girl. "Hello." She smiled, sitting down. A while later after Eclipse and May had been talking, they found out that they were quite simliar! They both liked the same bands, shows, you name it! They felt like long lost sisters or something. "So, how long have you been here, May?" Jake asked. "About two weeks now, this school is still kinda' confusing." May said, laughing awkardly. When the bell went for their second lesson, May came over to Eclipse. "Hey, you know Yuki Juudai?" She asked, smiling. Eclipse's heart stopped, for two reasons. One: She was reminded of that day. Two: She was still in love with him. "Y-yeah?" Eclipse said, trying to seem normal. "Well i heard he was your Ex, and i just wanted to say i'm not stealing him off you or anything, but he asked me out." Eclipse couldn't believe anything now, her mind was lost in thought and her heart was having trouble starting again. "I-it's fine..." Eclipse said, looking down. "I'll see you soon." Eclipse began to walk off, but instead of going to class she went into the hall. She lent against the stone wall and sobbed quietly. "Why?" She thought, and whispered sometimes. "Why can't he see how much i need him?...Juudai without you, i'm dead inside..."

"Eclipse? Earth to Eclipse!" Eclipse jolted out of her thoughts and looked up. She was at the fair with Lelouch, and he was trying to speak to her. "Honestly Eclipse, you're distancing yourself everyday! You sure you're ok?" Lelouch sighed, folding his arms. "I'm fine Lelouch..." She replied, looking down. Lelouch sighed again, irratated. "Listen to me, you WILL enjoy today. No doubt." Lelouch swore, before dragging her off to a stall. "L-Lelouch!" Eclipse squeaked, in surprise. An hour passed, and Eclipse was enjoying time with Lelouch until two people arrived. She gaped when she saw them walk up. Juudai and May. "Hey Eclipse!" May waved, Eclipse returned the wave. Juudai smiled at her, making Eclipse's face turn red slightly. "So, how you two enjoying the fair?" Lelouch asked the two. "It's amazing!" May answered for Juudai. Eclipse found this weird, because when she was dating him, he NEVER liked anyone talking for him. But somehow, Juudai didn't seem to mind...Eclipse sighed, feeling her eyes water. Juudai saw this, and his eyes widened. "Essie? Are you ok?" Juudai asked, placing a hand on her shoulder. Eclipse then thought this was weird. He never called her Essie since...In fact he never cared until now... "Oh, i see what's happening here..." Lelouch thought, because when he saw Eclipse looking at Juudai, her eyes didn't show hate or anger, but pain and love. "Oh Eclipse..." Lelouch thought. Before getting an idea. "I'll help you Eclipse! I'll make him see how much you need him!"

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