The Poisoned Apple

A story like Snow White, but it's a mordern romance, with love and death


1. My home

Here I am. My new home.

Me, my Mum, My Dad and my sister are all going to live in a new house. In a new street. In a new town. In a new house.I know I will hate school. I know I will hate school. Nobody will like me. Everyone will hate me. And that will be soon as I start school tomorrow. 

"Here we are, this is your new home. You can have your own rooms, and there is lots of room so you can have all sorts of things!"  My Dad says to Jen (my sister) and me. My room is huge. Its like three times the size of my old bedroom. But I liked my old bedroom. It felt more... bedroom-y. I tried to put my things in my new room but none of it looks right. It looks like its been placed there by someone else, not me. I sigh and flop on my bed. At least that was in the right place.

I went downstairs for tea. At least it was a treat day, as it was spagbol. Mum and Dad spoke to us at dinner.

"So, how are you enjoying your new house?" Dad asked eagerly.

"I don't like it" Jen said outright.

"You've hardly even seen the house yet!" Mum just laughed.

"Well, we don't like it here and we want to go home." I said, trying to sound serious. But they just laughed. They laughed at Jen. They laughed at me. But what they didn't realise was they were laughing at themselves. They were laughing at their own stupidity. Because in just a few days time I would be dead.

I went up to bed and cried, because I had no friends and no trust in my parents in this strange new town.

But I had no idea that soon I would meet a boy who had diamond eyes like ice, hair the colour of lemons, and a serious face.

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