A new creature is brought on to Earth, named a Shikami. A girl brought back to life to destroy 108 Shikami like herself as ordered by a mysterious Nun to gain access to Heaven. Along the way she discovers about Earth and it's inhabitants.


1. Destruction

Death. That's all that surrounds me. Flames dance past my body and the stench of mangled corpses fill my scent. How long had it been since I had smelt? Walked? Touched? Listened? I remember nothing of my past, my old life. All I know is that I'm a Shikami, a corpse which is alive. My clothes are frayed and covered in blood, from some way I was killed. But all I remember was falling into the 'tunnel' and a face appeared. It looked like a religious female with monk like clothes on. I remember her giving me a choice. To live as a corpse or, to die and go nowhere. Neither Heaven nor Hell.

"It is your choice," she had told me, her face remaining neutral. "To live or die. But, if you choose to live, you must eradicate 108 Shikami, as you are one yourself. Once you do that, you are welcomed to Heaven." I couldn't remember anything but that choice. Obviously I chose to live. But, how would I recognise a Shikami? Would they look like I did, all covered in blood and human like? Or things from myths? Like Vampires, Lycans, Sirens or Demons? I had no idea what to do. Or who to kill. I just have to find out how to find them and their weakness.

I stopped in my path and glanced around, ruins were everywhere. Scalded beams of wood, blood tainted pieces of metal. Amputated limbs, with maggots eating their way through the flesh. Occasionally, I would spot a dismembered head, with flies crawling across the face. I simply walked past the bodies and ruins, feeling no connection to them. But some where in the back of my head, something was screaming at me. Telling me to turn back. But I could already hear voices and gushes of water. I seemed to be drawn towards the sound like a mosquito to a light. Figures appeared in my sight, like me only taller and broader. They also seemed to be wearing a shiny uniform of some sort with a red helmet. One saw me and yelled out, but the sound seemed to be slow and echoic. I wasn't used to this; this life seemed strange and new. The person came over and asked something. But I couldn't make it out. He asked once more. Again, just a blur. That was the first time I realised. The sky was a faded red and the newly-appeared rain was black. I knew this year. It was 1941, during World War 2. The year of death.

I remember the women from the 'tunnel' speaking about this year. She mentioned it was filled with bloodshed, the perfect time to kill Shikamis. The person would just simply be killed in a bombing. No one would know about a killing. As long as I left the body at a fresh bomb site and cleaned up the wounds so they matched the type of death. But these memories only held ways to kill, not who to kill…. I felt my body being shaken once more and the sound became normal. "Miss!" The figure yelled. "Are you alright?" I had to reply, otherwise people might get suspicious. I nodded slowly as if in shock. But, my face also held confusion, which wasn't fake. I wanted to know what happened to the buliding I was in. But then as I went to speak a sudden drowsiness spread over me, before all of my vision went dark.

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