Just some crappy stuff


1. Stuff

Charming miss interpreted Like a fire fly You know not what the evening brings But you are willing to try It builds you up Like a bridge to cross voids It tears you down I see nothing but the lost souls of joy

September sunshine Uncaring irony Scrambled clarity Sees through a blind man's eyes

Is it true that there is no body

On this earth

This sky

This ocean

Is it true that none of it

Holds someone with a heart that beats for me

So give me a choice

Between boisterous lovers and over caring brothers in arms

I care not for pain

I care not for the riches that would flood me dearly if i sold wishes

I can't see the night, the night is still young

If the sorrow doth bellow and the wedding bells chime

Do you not think that now is the time?

To see past and disregard a formulaic rhyme

To sow my patch work quilt of disparage

Lock horns in marriage

I'll be the horse you're the carriage

I know not what of the crime

So with time

Let it be broken and then remade

Like a sprinkling door step

Dead as a door nail

Calling over soloist vanity

With glass eyes and fake teeth and ivory kisses

With burning holes that churn in the evening it burns

i know not the story just the ending

Don't go

Leave me on my own

This outburst was unjust

But if go you must then leave me

With a lost soul for a fellow

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