Afternoon At The Savoy

I, Audrey Hilson, lead an uninteresting life up until my bedroom door was shoved open by an old uniformed man who proceeded to look down his massive nose at the orphanage matron who was my life's terror and whisked me into a fur trimmed Rolls Royce Phantom, yeah I had just about enough time to notice the beautiful, chafer driven vehicle.


1. In The Dank Dusts At Dusk

The light flickered, barely staying alight. I rushed around the freezing room in pursuit of the only sock the mice hadn't nibbled to ribbons. I had just caught sight of the bluish material under my rotting bed and the light bulb choose that moment to fizz and spit out one last spark before dying out.

" Well, at least I found the sock before it died." I muttered and stretched out my arm toward the sock's direction and prayed that none of my furry neighbors brushed against my fingers. Once I was sure that I felt the sock's texture I pushed myself up to get away from the cold, hard floor. With the only source of light coming from the grimey window which was high up on the east facing wall I sat upon my bumpy mattress and slipped the sock on my right foot.

There were few good things about being a dependant border, with my scholarship barely sustaining my position in the Academy,  they can't let me live side by side with the other young ladies who had been born into money and so could afford the bigger, warmer and more colourful rooms benieth my drafty attic. However my situation is a unique one and so I do not need to share my quarters with any one else, therefore my room is massive, spanning the entire stretch of the one building of the Academy. On one side of the room was the bed and a box of handed down ripped and old school uniforms, the only clothes I have and so the only thing I ever wore. Beside that was a rickety table made by an ex student who had probably been a bit of a delinquent, seeing as she hadn't even had the curtesy to sand down the rough wood-  I've got more blisters than I care to remember.

If my parents were still alive I would not have to go through this, but crying about spilt milk never helped anyone so I sucked it up once more, kept my tears in, locked away all the embarrasment and anguish those people put me through every day without fail. I love the night, Its the only time I get for myself without anyone harrassing me.

The persistent ache in my bones groaned when I curled up under my covers, trying to keep my extremeties as warm as I could. I was drifting off to my happy place when I heard foot steps first and then voices, getting steadily louder and closer. I could make out the matron's shrill voice and another, belonging to a man? In the ladies quarters? I must be more tired than I thought, I'm dreaming.

But the voices only got louder and angrier I couldn't make out what the man was shouting out- Until my door was pushed open and a huge body filled the door frame.

"Miss Hilson come at once away from this hell! You!" The man had stomped into my room and turned on his heel to bark at matron.

"You are lucky my master is not here to witness how you have treated his granddaughter! Unacceptable." He spoke in such a deep and gruff voice. I could see him better, the light of the hall was spilling into my room. He was an old man but he was obviously powerfully built, his uniform, I couldn't make out what it was exactly, fit him well.

"Sir, please, she had no funds. Her circumstance. It's the proper thing." Matron was cowering behind the door so I didn't have a view of her but her voice revealed enough, she was petrified of this man.

But he just dismissed her excuses with a loud snort and turned to me, in bed with my many old sheets surrounding me.

 "Miss, If you please. The car is waiting."

And so I jump up, glance into the wrinked face of this strange man and look hard into his eyes. They twinkle. I grin and run, run like the hounds of Hades were at my heels, down the stairs past all the open doors and gaping mouths of the bullies. Why am I running? I honestly felt that if I didn't escape now I never would.

Slidding across the hall in my socks, like I have always dreamed of doing I pushed the Academy's doors open.

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