Heart Strings

Cassie Keon never thought that love would be this hard....


1. The emails

Feb 21st

Babe? Did you get my text message?

Yes, I thought, unfortunatly I did get it.... I understood it too well...

Why aren't you  replying?

Because I don't want toooooooo

Look up babe. ;)

I tilted my head from the computer and there he was.. smirking at me... Oh God....I was begining to feel my lunch rising up the way it went down.

Why was I working at the same place he was??

Couldn't he just bugger off and leave me alone?

I guess not... we were Primary School freinds. But in those days it was a cute please-can-I-hold-your-hand relationshipand  not a  please-can-I-sleep-with-you realationship. Things were so easy back then...


Sleazy Mr Joe Darnby had "fallen in love" with me,(if thats what you call begging me to take off my clothes for him)and he had propsed thrice! Just because of his deep blue eyes ( they were beautiful, they looked like millions of crystals and dymonds, beautiful clear lakes and beautiful blue oceans) well.. it's not like I fancy this bloke anyways... And so.. I had accepted his offer to make me his "wifey" and .. that was it. I quote, " Cassie, I think your kinda nice.. so you wanna be ma wifey? I 'll treat you reeeeaal nice." With that he added a wink. No romantic dinners with expensive champagne, no romantic get-aways alone without his overprotective Mother trailing behind us.

There was NEVER Just-the-two-of-us.

 Well it wasn't like I had any better ideas to do with the rest of my life, I might aswell have a rap loving "Ganster" cuffed to my heart, even if I shouted to the officer "Please sir!! Im innocient! He'll rip my heart out! Surely I deserve better than this!?" He would only ignore me and bang the door shut while annoyingly tutting his teeth....

Anyway.... wait... Where was I??

Oh yeah!

Tony still owed me a wedding, and a wedding ring,which he said I would get after he had stoppted his tidious gambelling habbit,(this I very much doubted).

"Babe? Did you not get my text and emails?" Tony exclaimed, getting up from his seat. I then promptly closed the email window so my screen displayed the desktop. He stared over my shoulder and immediately his forehead furrowed and his mouth curled with disgust.

"WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIIIMEEE??" His reaction flung me off my feet, If you think about it... it was a pretty stupid mistake, pretending to do nothing for the past hour and a half.  

His breath stank of stale cider and cigarettes and when I crept out from his icy gaze I had noticed that his spit had covered the computer screen.

Yay! I thought sarcastically, looking at the door, we had an audience

"Um... Well.. I was just.. you know...." I mumbled

"WHAT!" He spat, spit landing on my nose.

I had to think of anything... anything just something that will land me out of trouble.. please brain think! 

I then said:

"I was watching an animal mating season" 

Then my life turned into darkness.


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