Hurt Is Fatal

He broke my heart..... I will never give it away again.


1. Hurt Is Fatal

Can't he be with me?

Not you.

Bile rises when I see your face,

Weren't we freinds?

YOU peeled him out of my tight grasp,

YOU stole him from me,

You lied to me.

This matter cannot be deeply thought upon,

As once we were freinds,

Each moment our eyes would meet ,

We would embrace,

As we hugged tightly,

I would stroke your tempting locks,

You had me under your wing.

But now...

Now I look above me,

There is no wing sheltering me from the rain,

Cloulds bleed upon me and all I can do is stare,

Stare at the oncoming car,

Locked tight in Death's firm hold,

Hurt is Fatal





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