valentines day story

this is a story about a couple that think they are in love but she soon discovers that he is not who he says he is.


1. valentines day

February 14th, 5 years ago I met Jon. It’s the anniversary of us falling in love, the anniversary of my biggest regret. It all started when he pulled out his gun.

. . .

I was at university. It was my last year and I had been working hard to become a doctor. It was all going so well and I thought it couldn’t get any better, and then I met Jon. He was new to our class and the only spare seat was next to mine.  He came and sat next to me, carefully lowering himself into the chair. He bent over to his bag to get out his biology book. I could feel the heat of his eyes burning into the side of my face. I was really shy so I kept my head arched over my work and carried on. After 10 minutes he decided to start talking to me. He started by asking my name, “Claire” I replied in a squeaky voice. Then as I slowly looked up into his deep blue eyes it was love at first sight. He held my gaze and then the bell sounded for break. I rushed up to my dormitory and told my friends all about him.

A week later we were walking through campus, hand in hand laughing and joking. It was perfect, but what I didn’t know was that it was quickly going to change.

After graduation he said he had a special Valentines surprise for me. He put a thick black blindfold over my eyes that smelt of smoke, and helped me into his red van. I was so excited - at least I thought I was.

We were driving fast now, I could hear gravel crunching under the wheels, then we came to a sudden stop. I could hear Jon’s door slam shut - then silence. I didn’t know silence could pierce my ears as much as this did. Then I heard footsteps along the gravel and then whispers. That is when I realized that the surprise wasn’t a good one. My stomach felt like it had a herd of elephants stampeding through it. I felt the colour drain from my face. Then the click of the door shattered the silence, someone was with me.

I got dragged out of the warm van into the piercingly cold wind. I got marched into a small musky smelling room. A man from behind me tugged off my blindfold. I saw Jon standing a few metres in front of me. I ran towards him for reassurance but that is when he tore out his new shiny gun and pointed it at my temple.

I had to get away and fast.

I turned around to the back door and I was met with a muscular man looking down at me. He was dressed in black and was wearing dark sunglasses. Attached to his belt loop was a big walkie-talkie. I turned on my heals to the front door and again was met with an identical man to the first. I held my breath and faked a faint. I hit the hard stone floor, hitting my head on the stone mantle piece on the way down. Then I heard one of the men speak into their walkie- talkie, “she’s down - unlock b10.”

I stayed as still as I could as two new men lifted me by my hands and feet into a smaller room. Once I heard the key click in the lock I slowly sat up. I felt the back of my head where I had hit it before. There was a warm fluid on my fingers, blood. I looked around the cramped room. There was a bunkbed, a tin bucket and wash basin, that as it.

I lifted myself off of the flat carpet and onto the hard mattress, I pulled the rough, grey blanket over my sore head and started to cry. Light, little tears turned into full blown sobs. Then I herd something. Someone or something was in the room. I wasn’t alone.

My heart started beating so hard I was surprised I couldn’t see it pumping through my chest. My palms began to get sweaty. I pulled the blanket further over my head. Then the footsteps stopped and I could hear heavy breathing. I held my breath. Then I heard a low voice. It wasn’t as harsh as the men with the walkie- talkies. It was gentle. I uncovered my red and blotchy face and saw a boy about the same age as me standing over me with a worried expression on his face. I smiled a weak smile. He was tall and had short blonde hair. He came and sat next to me on the bottom bunk. He didn’t say anything but his expressions said a lot. He put his arm around my shoulder and I started whimpering again.

When I had calmed down he asked me in his soft calm voice if I was ok. I told him about how I got here and how stupid I was about thinking Jon was going to take me on a Valentines surprise. Then he told me his story.

. . .

I was friends with Jon since we were 13 years old, we made friends in high school. We were inseparable and we got up to loads of mischief too! I thought I could trust him with anything and everything, but he proved me wrong. One day he said to me “Alfie, do you want to come to the football with me tonight, it is Brighton VS Crystal palace?” I was a massive Brighton fan and still am so I decided to take him up on his offer. We were talking away so I didn’t realize that he took a left turn instead of a right, and by then it was too late. He shot me with a stun gun and when I awoke I was here. I have been locked up in this room for nearly 6 months. The guards  chuck down food and water through that hatch in the wall. They never unlock the door.

. . .

I looked at him with tears in my eyes. I blinked a few times to clear my eyes before replying, “we really need to get out of here and fast.”

I must have fallen asleep as I slowly came to. Alfie was strewn out on the baby blue carpet, with a ball of saliva dangling from his open mouth. I tiptoed past him to where the tin bucket was and pulled down my grey tracksuit bottoms to go to the toilet before he woke up. 

As I made my way back to my un-comfy bed Alfie sat up very abruptly. The expression on his face looked as if he had seen a ghost. I walked slowly over to him and rubbed my cold hands down his arm to comfort him. “are you alright?” I said worriedly. “we need to get out of here and fast.” He replied. And at that he jumped up and grabbed his rucksack and started stuffing the few belongings he owned into it, and then told me to do the same. Once we had finished we then began to make our escape plan…

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