Infernal (ENG)

When Glowy has gone missing, Yin and his friends must find out what happened. (DA, Advarsel, sproget er groft. ENG, Warning, language is strong.) SHINY IS COPYRIGHT 0SHINYEEVEE0 ON DEVIANTART


1. Prolouge

Glowy is in her room, theres someone knocking on the door "Just come in Yin!" Glowy shouted, Yin entered but he tripped. "Well look what we've got here B1" Glowy laughet to Yin. "Haha, very funny im nearly dying by laughing!" Yin exclaimed, "Jesus, it was just a joke." Glowy said. Yin was about to answer back but he shut up. "Its 3 hours till Lunar Cosmos (FULL MOON)" "dB uh nothin special" Yin wispered. "really?" "yup" he answered. "Well, bye then!" Glowy exclaimed!. "Bye.....". 3 HOURS LATER Tc- "C'mon everyone dont cha wanna see the Lunar moon?" Yang "Its Lunar COSMOS!" Tc- "B1" Glowy- "It's sooooo Pretty!" Yin"e3e'" Glowy grabs Yins hand an they run off Yeah its getting too romantic now LETS GET TO DA SPEAKIN > Glowy- "I do wonder what happened to Sin and Punishment and..." Yin- "DONT SAY IT!" Glowy- "oh yeah he sold your mom out to the invaders and tried to kill you and Yang" Yin- "...." Glowy- "Hey dont worry you have friends here on earth including me!" Yin smiled and they went inside the house. AT 2 A.M Luna woke up something was wrong she used her Life mark to spot the problem it made her go to Glowys room so she ran over there but glowy was missing

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