Heads to the future - A Short Story

This is for you, dear old granny Ann.


1. Half My Heart.

My Grandmother was my best friend. I'll never forget the mischief we got up to, the trouble we caused. It almost feels like we were writing our own story, and such a beautiful story it was, there were never tears, only smiles and laughter, we were always happy.
I can remember her coming towards me through the hallways of our house,
"my darling Sarphifish"
I remember her saying, I can hear it now. I can remember holding her hand, and feeling wonderfully, really, truly happy. Because she was my Granny Ann, my own special friend, my best buddie. I remember how she used to hand me sweets when my mother had said "no more", and how she always smelled a little bit of powder and clean shirts.
I remember the day after the day she left. It was a school day, but only half a one, I was with my best friend in the park. There was one of those basket swings and I swung around and around until I felt I might be sick and I closed my eyes and almost, just for a little moment, I could pretend she was waiting for me, just down the road, always happy to see me.
I remember that day vividly, I remember opening my eyes just a little and seeing the trees above me. And as I spun round they danced, and I imagined that she was dancing with them, up in the sky, because she's a star now.
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