His Ginger Hair

My closet friend, only an inch away. That's further than I thought......


1. Crimson Locks

His crimson curls,twirled around my fingers as he gazed at my face.

His skin as soft as his expressions.

Taking my hand, he weaved our fingers together, held me close.

His eyes burned with passion, causing my mind to melt .


It was then I relised that he had burrowed into my heart.


His whispers fell off his toungue and tainted my ears,

poisned my mind.

His ginger tufts clung to his scalp,

made wet by my frail tears. 

Time passed,

his shirt peeled off as he leapt to his feet.

Wings sprouted from his smoothe shoulder blades... 

His head turned.

Our eyes met.

He then left me, with only a fraile tear to keep me company.


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