Of Rags and Riches

Agnes' sixteenth birthday fell on the Reaping Day, so naturally no one paid the orphan any notice... Until she got chosen as tribute for District 13 along side Kevin Nadima the son of the districts mayor. Seems like District 13 is doomed to failure or will fate deal the world a shocking card to stump the Game Makers, teach the Capital a lesson on love and destroy a thousand people. The road of love never did run smooth, but some roads are more bumpy than others.
>> This is my FIRST movella! So it is not beta'd but I am very open to constructive critisim, so please, please take a read :D <<


1. Sour Sixteen

THIS IS A FANFICTION- the genious idea of The Hunger Games belongs solely to the author, I am just playing around with the plot ;)

Amber's Point of View:

Another year, another Reaping. Its rather aptly named, after all, that colourful peacock strutting on the stage between the two bowls containing all the dread and hope of the children watching and waiting to not be called out. They are more than Grim Reapers, those twisted Capital aliens. Our District representative stands out, a jewel-coloured sweet wrapper in a black and grey stained landscape. 

We, the children, are separated according to gender and line up in our age groups. Having trurned 16 just this morning, I stood in the front of the line of 16 year olds, there are not many children in District 13, turns out that parents are not so keen on bringing children into a horrible existence, and so they follow their moon cycles in order to eliminate the chances of child bearing. However, there are a few slip ups and they stand around me, supple human proof. Unlike me. Was I planned? I certainly was not wanted, or I would not have been abandoned on the doorstep of the only orphanage in the district. I have heard of some of the gossip and rumours, that me and my unusual hair are not from this district. People used to sneer at me as they tossed their greasy dark locks over their equally darkly stained threadbare polyester shoulders. 

"Amber! For goodness sake girl, pay attention for once in your life!" Carla the girl who speaks in exclamations exclaimed. After giving me a sharp pinch an inch above my elbow randomly, she has the gall to begin her rambling lectures about fashion and my exaughsting lack of fashion awareness. Yes, there are some people in this world who care more about the shade of grey in other people's tunic than if she or a member of her family were chosen to scrifice themselves as a pathetic reminder to all possible rebel threats not to start another rebellion that tore apart our country and created this limbo, Panem.

Static blared through the speakers silencing the last of the scattered whispers. 

"Now that is an outfit! Have you ever seen such green eyebrows?! " I managed to block out her muttered running comentary of the District 13 representative. He stole the attention of the crowds, a green glittering gem in the blaring sun. All eyes and camera lenses were trained on him as he wobbled to the front of the stage and stood in between the two massive bowls, one filled with the girls names and the other for the boys. 

The same speeches in the past 16 years were given by the same people. The mayor sang our Districts anthem off key. Speaches warning about the rebellion of the past and how the blasted Capial came up with this hairbrained plot to keep any potential enemies subdued as they watched children killing each other on the big screen. 

Electricity ran though the small crowd of children from 11-18  who were grouped in front as trepidation electicuted the live audience. The Green Hulk raised both his hands in a manner not dissimilar to that of Clara's many hand gestures and hovered above both of the bowls. He quickly shoved his pudgy jeweled fingers into first the bowl on the left then the one on the right taking only one slip of paper from each bowl. 

"Keven Nadima" 

And down goes the mayor in a dead faint as his son walkes up to the stage, mouth agape. Golden boy actually does quite well with hiding his trepidation but I can see what the crowd behind me cannot, his knees were shaking as if they had a life of their own. Suddenly his grey eyes snap to mine and the silence bit through my skin as the camera lenses and the stunned stares of three thousand people were trained on me. 

"Amber, get up there!" Clara shoved me toward the platform. I don't remember stumbling up the small steps to the centre of the stage but Keven later told me that I looked like a possed fire demon. The only sentence that played through my mind as I stood in front of my neighbors and strangers was how I never actually heard my name being spoken by the Green Goblin, did he say my whole name? But how could he if I don't even know my surname. 

>> I am desperately nervous about this fan fiction I have read so many before but this is the first time for me to jump in and join in so please review and comment!!!! This is going to have aprox 6 chapters or more if i'm inspired to expand ;) <<

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