What should I do?

Love Story


1. What should I do?

"But My love, if you go you could... could...." Silver said choking on her own feelings for the young man in front of her. It was dark and the soft phosphorescent light of the moon illuminated their features. The young girl couldn't help but frown at her once best friends choice in departure to the unknown land to help her foolish cousin. He smiled faintly trying to comfort her. "Silver, I've known you for most of my life, you helped me get through the hard training of becoming one of your Aunts, the queens, finest soldiers in her army. You must let me go, River your very cousin needs me. Being a god-child allows me to help him in whatever way possible. As a daughter of the fearless and cold-blooded Mooniah, you shouldn't be afraid but.. proud!" He emphasized the word boldly and possibly cheerfully. Silver shuddered at the sound of it. He was determined to keep his duty... if he wasn't he wouldn't be using her heritage against her. "I'm nothing like mother, you should know that." she counterattacked sharply. The words hanging there and cutting him like a sword. "True enough but you shouldn't be worried I'm strong you know that" He brushed her long black hair behind her ear, exposing her red eye that seemed to match her blue eye's fiery look. She looked away in anger immediately. "Don't bother say it" "Thing is your" "NO! IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK THIS TIME"Silver snapped back "your" "Don't try Phoenix. It WILL not work" "Beautiful"Phoenix said dreamily. Silver's heart melted like butter. She couldn't possibly be mad. All she could do now was hope he wouldn't get himself killed. She looked into his deep azure eyes. His slightly spiked brown hair was soft in shone bright. His eyes were twin stars, set ablaze by the goddess of light and god of fire themselves. There was no way she could stop him now, not with the determined look in his eyes. "Fine" she said harshly "I wish you luck when you go BUT may I give you something before you leave?" "Yes anything my dear. Your gift is one I can cherish forever" She leaned in closely and brought his head down to eye level. She alluringly and softly said "surprise" and kissed him on the lips. The grass around that was ablaze, he was in-fact a god-child. Fire was his specialty. The glorious colors of the fire set a mood of romance and seriousness at the same time. But he didn't resist the kiss. In fact he seemed to share it with her. When they stopped she stepped back and smiled softly her heart was aglow and it showed on her marble white face. He was a bit bewildered at first and then he pulled some of his fire into a small sphere. "I was meaning to do this earlier but now would be okay" He took a small rock out of his pocket. It was plain and translucent. A glorious crystal indeed. The fire that was twirling in his hand jumped to the rock giving it a fiery glow. "This will keep me close to you in some way. It also will keep you safe until I can get back" he handed the fiery crystal to her. "It's gorgeous" silver replied it was warm with his love to her touch. She then leaned on him lovingly. He didn't mind but he stared outwards now fearing what might become of him.

He almost stayed for her.

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