Wouldn't it be terrible?

Four poems trying to describe blindness, deafness and no sense of touch.


1. Wouldn't it be terrible if you were always in the dark

Wouldn't it be terrible,

If you were in the dark,

When one day you felt your eye lids flicker,

But no light began to spark,


It would be so sad,

if you were sick in bed,

and you asked your mum to open the curtains,

Instead of sunshine you got dread,


The disappointment truly hits,

When the 5th of November comes to mind, 

he fire would be burning and fireworks crackling,

But you couldn't see because your blind


So if I had a wish,

I'd wish for all the blind people,

For all the eyes that can not see,

For a beautiful wonderful sight,

Sincerely from me.

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