My Valentine

This is my entry for the Valentines Poem Competition. Enjoy :D


1. Valentines Day Poem

Everywhere I look, And everything I do, Everything I touch, Reminds me of you

My mum’s scented candles, Remind me of when we cuddled by the fire, Why don’t you understand? You’re the only one I admire!

My dads’ big hoodie, Reminds me of your one, Am I trying trying too hard? Its just we have such fun!

My brother’s air forces, Remind me of when we went to the store, You are all I want, All I think about anymore!

My sister’s bright green eyes, Remind me of your piercing stare, Even though I want you so bad, It seems like you don’t care!

I want you, that’s it, Just give me a sign! Oh my Valentine, Will you be mine?

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