Release drug

A short story that explores ideas about division within the human nature and the potential for evil that everyones posseses. it is set out in an interesting format with a twist that will hopefully suprise readers.


1. article 27

Article 27-CCTV footage of police interview conducted in (classified information) Asylum on undisclosed date

  “Tom, there are some people here to see you, it’s about the release drug” warm tones did not help to disguise the physiatrists probing undercurrent.

“Hmmm funny how now so many do, shall I tell them my story” the speaker was a boy of fourteen, he spoke with tired resignation, eyes on the floor of his cell.

“They’re policemen Tom” two sombre men entered, obviously expecting the ravings that you would predict, in a place such as they were “Tell them everything, from the start”.

“My father used to beat me, he didn’t enjoy it but it was necessary, I needed to learn that I wasn’t good enough. My mother did not partake in the teachings, she would cry and my father would tell her not to but she wouldn’t stop, so he HAD to beat her too” the boy slammed his fist down on the chair he was situated, the physiatrist urged him gently to calm down and he complied. The policemen shared an uneasy glance.

“I didn’t tell anyone at school, my father always said that telling is naughty, and I was a good child. My father’s teachings should have made me strong, should have stopped the bullies, but it didn’t, there was two of them that were the worst, twins. They used to call me sticky because I was thin, that was my fault I should have eaten like a man, lots of meat to make me tough meat meat....”  

“Tell us about the drugs boy, who gave you the drugs?” the older policemen leaned forward

“Don’t pressure him, he is very fragile” interceded the physiatrist “take your time Tom”

“We are officers of the law Mrs Hyde, we appreciate that you have been working with this boy for some time but don’t presume to...”

“I will tell you about the drugs” the boy muttered “it was a week after Mrs Hyde gave the school assembly about domestic violence, I had refused to clap because I knew father might be angry that I was congratulating some interfering women.”

The policemen looked at Mrs Hyde “I used to tour schools giving assembly’s on self help, that’s why I took this job of helping Tom, I felt like in some small way I was to blame” she nodded at tom “carry on Tom”

“I was walking home when some man approached me, he was running and then he saw me, he stopped and gave me a bag and then ran off.  It was full of bright red pills so...pretty. I wanted to keep them so I put them in my coat pocket, then a policeman ran up to me and asked if I had seen anyone and I said no, because father said that policemen craved power.”

“What did the man look like boy?” at this question the boy began to shake violently, the policemen took a step back whilst Mrs Hyde rushed forward, she pushed a pill into his mouth and after a few moments his convulsions eased. “We should stop Tom is very tired” asserted Mrs Hyde

“But were so close let him continue with the story” replied the older policemen, before Mrs Hyde could object Tom spoke “I will finish my story. I got home and went to my bedroom, I put one of those beautiful pills in my mouth and swallowed it. Suddenly I wasn’t my father’s student, I wasn’t sticky, I was TOM and I demanded respect I walked into the living room where my father was watching television, I walked to the mirror on the wall and...”

“We have seen the reports boy, you killed your father with the mirror than walked out of your house, and you came across the twins, Robb and Craig Fallaway, you killed them with a shard of the mirror” The older policemen rushed forward and grabbed Tom lifting him up by the front of his shirt “TELL ME what did the man look like my son has taken the drug I need to find this guy WHAT DOES HE LOOK LIKE?” the younger policemen grabbed the older one and pulled him away from the boy shouting in protest at his seniors actions.

Tom looked up and both policemen went silent on seeing his demonic red pupils. “I will tell you father” Mrs Hyde seemed about to correct this case of mistaken identity but the older policemen waved her quiet “It wasn’t a man, I lied, otherwise she would stop giving me my release drugs” he turned his burning eyes on Mrs Hyde who stared unflinching back. “Mrs Hyde gave me the drugs, she said it would make me strong, then after the mirror event she brought me to this madhouse and still gives me my drugs”

Both policemen turned to look at Mrs Hyde who stared back with calculating calmness “I invented a drug, it was supposed to help people with duel personalities, we tested on animals and then they stopped all my funding when the animals displayed rabid like symptoms. I needed to complete my testing so toured schools looking for weak, damaged children. I wanted to make them strong...can’t you see that?”

End of footage

Mrs Hyde has been arrested for professional misconduct, forced drug intake, misleading law agencies, child abuse and will serve a minimum of 20 years in prison. Tom and other victims are now being treated and a full recovery is predicted, drug “release” has been seized by the chemical warfare division.

Benjamin Hale


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