What does love mean? This poem describes the different types of love, including family love, friendship love and true love. This also describes heartbreak when love fails.


1. Love...

One cannot love alone, as love is not a one way thing.

Just as a bird cannot fly, with just one wing.


Some people think love, is simply an emotion.

It is not something you buy, nor something you get as a love potion.


There are different forms of love, and different definitions.

But from what I've seen and heard, there are no exact traditions.


Firstly, there's FAMILY, where one cares for another,

Just like a delicate baby and their mother, or a sister with her brother.


Then there's a close bond between people called FRIENDSHIP,

Which could last a lifetime, and will be hard to rip.


However, the strongest of all, is BEING IN LOVE,

Where there is only one person, you cannot get enough of.


That one person alone can be your antidote to anything,

Be the cure to your worries, be your protector from everything.


Yet, if that special person were to break your heart, all you will feel is despair.

They would've moved on, and so should you, even if it is extremely painful to bare.


You will start to fall, like your life were hanging by a single string.

Because a bird cannot fly, with just one wing.

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