Chimamire No seishin

Fuko Kimisuru er død hamrende træt af at hendes lillesøster får alt opmærksomheden fra hendes familie, og en aften kommer hun tal at råbe at hun ville ønske hun bare forsvandt, uheligt får Kimi, bliver hendes ønske overhørt af en ånd, som straks vil gøre det godt for kimi og skaffer en demon til at slå kimi's søster ihjel, kimi er helt knust og fatter ikke hvorfor det skete indtil hun en dag står ved sin søsters grav, og ånden dukker op foran hende og fortæller hende at det var hendes eget ønske kimi er så chokeret at hun ikke ser sig for da hun går hjem, og bliver skæbnesvangert ramt af en stor bil, kimi bliver selv til en ånd, og får at hun skal komme til at se sin lillesøster iegn bliver hun nødt til at opfylde 1000 blodige ønsker, under dækkenavnet chimamire no seishin.


1. The birth of a spirirt


Jeg dedikerer denne historie til min ven Rosa...


Bloody spirit; the birth of a spirit

"isn't she adorable?" "look at her cute smile!" "she's wonderful!" "kimi-chan come look!" i sighed, they were at it again, that's why i hate these family meetings and such my sister allways get all the attention, leaving me to myself, "i'm sorry nee-chan" Omoiyari* looked at me with an apolecetic look on her face, i knew i wasn't her fault but i couldn't help blaming her, i shrugged "i'm fine Omo-chan, don't bother, hurry up go back to your audience!" she looked at me with small tears in her eyes "yes nee-chan i'm sorry" she turned away, leaving me, to my thoughts, i felt horrible, for treating her like that,i knew it wasn't her fault but sometimes i'd just "i wish she'd just disappear!" i clapped my hands over my mouth, it wasn't my meaning to yell, i left the room and breathed heavily.                  

"you'll make it i promise!" i held Omo's hand thight while tears poured down my cheeks, she smiled weakly "i'm sorry nee-chan, i think this is it" small tears ran out of her chesnut brown eyes she smiled "i'm so happy that you're alive" she closed her eyes still smiling.i cried violently i pulled her lifeless body from the ground and hugged it tightly, "please don't go! i didn't wish for this!" my father grabbed my shoulder, "Kimisuru*! contain yourself, the medicinal people needs to get through" he pulled me away from my sister, and held me like a small child, "LET GO OF ME! I WANT TO BE WITH HER!" "you can't she's not here anymore" i struggled with him "how can you say that she's your daughter!" smal shivers went through his body "no, she was my daughter" he let go of me and turned away. i collapsed in the puddle of my sisters blood, "hmm what a pity, i newer thought it was a small girl.. oh well, i have work to do, stay cheerfull kimi-chan" i looked around the room was empty i was sure of it but even though i decided to check all the lockers and the corners, nobody was there "are you looking for me? such a selfish gril not even a word of thanks" i turned around a tall man with black hair and green eyes smiled at me before turning around and leaving the room "I HATE YOU! CURSE YOU TO HELL!" the man turned around and stared at me "to hell? no worries then" he smiled and left.  

           -two months later-          

   i placed a fresh buch of sakura flowers on my sisters grave, more tears, i hadn't done anything but crying the past months. i turned my gaze to the night sky "why did you have to take her! tell me shinigami-sama!" i collapsed "i- i didn't wish for this.." "you didn't? but i thought i heard you yell that you wished she'd just disappear" i looked up, a small girl in a old ceremonial robe was staring at me, "i heard it, i thought you'd be happy, i granted your wish" i glared at her "who the hell are you?" she just stood there starring, "me? i'm a spirit" it was first now i noticed that she was lightly a float just a few inches above the ground, she continued "i found a demon to carry out the dead, they're damn difficult to find nowadays you know?" i shook my head, there was something somewhat soothing about this smal floating girl, "why did you wish her dead?" the little girl made a smal flip in the air i shook my head "i didn't" "did too, i heard it! i have proof you blurted it out in front of your wholde family!" i felt my whole world turn for a second as i remmered that night "i wish she'd just disappear!" i clutched my ears with my hands "it's not true no!" i ran away frm the grave yard into the open road, "hoooonk!" i turned around a large car was driving towards me, my body wouldn't move, i saw the lights come closer, and i felt an unbearable pain for a second, then my body went numb, i barely caught a glimpse of the starlit sky before everything went black.            

"finnaly awake you sleepy head" i kinda expected to find my self in a hospital bed with alot of flowers and get well cards, presents, candy with my parents at the bed side, but instead i found my self in a dusty old shrine, on a small table a little green amn stared at me with a kind face "ohayo* sleepyhead! you have been gone for quite a while i thought you were dead in both soul and body!" i stared at him "for how long was i gone?" he chuckled "5-6 years" i blinked my eyes and stared at him "excuse me?" he laughed "kesesesesese you should've seen your face you were all "NANI*" kesesesese you've only been gone fer 2 days, your parents were all over the news yester day, here i'll show you" he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a comfy rom with a soft light and a giant tv he pressed the on button, at first there was nothing then a dark road and a lot of ambulances appeared revealing a body and my mother and father, a cold voice began speaking       "yester day mr and mrs Fuko lost their eldest daughter in a terrible car accident, Kimisuru Fuko, was hit by a car driven by a mysterious man who just laughed uncontrolably when getting pulled out of his car, he said the following "you want to get rid of me right? i get why, i'd want to to, but hey i'll tall you what my name is it'll be soothing, poor little Kimi-chan will you become a spirit, a  demon, or will you join your dear sister who you shamelessly wished dead? you can allways call me Kimi-chan just yell my name, because we both know don't we, it's Akuma Engimono*!" Mr Enigimono, is currnetly being hold restrained. that was all for tonight"  there was a close up of the body, i felt a revolting sensation in my stomach the body, was mine.   

 "you see Fuko-san in order for you to join your sister you'll have to pass on, but it seems that you can't, that demon who calls himself Akuma Engimono, has appearently sealed your soul to earth, he left you a letter, only you can read" the man handed me a small envelope, i opened it,            

"oh dear, oh dear it would seem that i've hit you with my car, that's not to good huh, but at least you can join dear little Omoiyari-chan, are you not happy, there's only one thing you need to do! you'll have to grant the wishes of a 1000 children, but it's special, my dear you have to grant only the wishies that involve killing somebody, you see many children wishes someone dead, without considering how they'll feel afterwards, just like a certain seishin* i know, now the choice is up to you my dear, will you ruin a thousand lifes in order to be reunited with your sister, or will you stay bound to this earth misserable forever? the choice is yours      

yours sincerely; Akuma Engimono      

i stared at the letter for a while, then i looked at the little green man, mister i'd like to become a seishin, can i have a kimono? he smiled "well of course you can" i smiled at him "i'd like you to call me chimamire no seishin* from now on" he smiled wickedly "oh a new name, why doesn't that suprise me chimamire-sama" he held up a black kimono with beautifull sakura flowers embroded on it, i grabbed it and pulled it on, i noticed a cat mask hanging in a far corner, "can i have that?" the green guy nodded "it was custommade for you chimamire-sama" i grabbed it and placed it on the side of my head, "thank you i'm off to grant some bloody wishes" i ran out the door, berely noticing that me feed didn't touch the ground, i stared at the sky, "i'll join you soon"           


*Omiyari Fuko; Caring Unhappiness.      

*Kimisuru Fuko; To you Unhappiness.      

*Fuko; Unhappiness      

*Ohayo; good morning      

*Nani; what      

*Akuma Engimono; Demon Bringer      

*Seishin; Spirit      

*Chimamire no Seishin; Bloody spirit.            


Thank you so much for reading *bows to your greatness*           



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