love is hidden

a girl who has a hard time at home and runs away, on her travels she wittnesses many diffrent scenes all of which are linked to the subject of love. in the end she is reunited with her mother and she realises that even though her mothers love for her is hidden it doesn't mean it's not there.


1. love is hidden

There once was a girl, whose head was full of curls, and whose eyes were as blue as the sea. She had no friends, and no money to wear the latest trends, and rarely went to school. Her mother was single, and had a tendency to mingle, with terrible, terrible, men. So the girl ran away, feeling unloved and betrayed as her mother cares not for her. So the curly haired girl crept through the door, walking down roads she'd never seen before, just walking, walking, walking. She knew not where she was going, all that gave her hope was knowing, that at last, she, was free. From the beatings, and the bullying that were a part of her everyday doings, and have probably scared her for life. On her way to know where, she saw a couple strolling, the girl holding a massive teddy bear, and they were laughing, Laughing, laughing, until the girl fell into the road. But there was a car speeding down the road as she stood up and dusted off her clothes, her husband pushed her out of the way. But in turn for his brave deed, the girl lost her Nobel steed, to the wheels of a heartless car. With his very last breath, he said "I love you" then went to bed, his body now still and cold. The car sped away, not leaving us with a number plate, but with a dead man on the floor. In the dark of the night the man’s blood was just as bright as the street lights guiding the car on its way. This was a great sacrifice, but for love anything will suffice, the man just saved his wife’s life, yes this was a great sacrifice. The whole street was empty, only curly girl and the woman with the teddy, were a witness to his death. The girl with the curls head was now in a twirl so she just ran away from the scene. The now widow was screaming “HELP HES BLEEDING!” but curly girl couldn’t care less. she just ran and screamed back.”IM THE ONE BLEEDING AS NO OE WILL EVER LOVE ME LIKE HE LOVED YE! yes no one will ever love me.” She ran on and on, until she came across a window that was rather long, with heat pouring forth like a fire. As she heated her hands she saw what looked like someone’s Nan, lying, sleeping, and looking ill on a sofa. An old man entered the room looking as if he’d be going to work soon, when his eye caught sight of his wife, he looked at her angry but went back to being happy as he gently wiped his wife’s nose. His wife woke up and made a sound like a duck as she croaked “you’ll miss your flight” “no I won’t be sweetie I’m gonna tell Mr. McCredie that it’s a matter of life and death.” And with that curly haired girl was gone as her hands were now warm, so onwards, she went. Feeling sleepy, as she carried on walking she thought about how nice that man was too his wife, and how he must of loved her. He too made a sacrifice but was also being nice which is probably another aspect of love which I don’t have she thought. But before anger could take control, a growl of hunger made its self known, so to Mc Donald’s she went, feeling as though she walked from London to Kent. As she was eating, she saw a man walking with his just paid for meal, when his daughter tripped on her very high heel and sent her dads meal flying. But instead of turning red he helped his daughter up instead and said wait here while I get another meal. This was a sacrifice and was also very nice, but was also a form of patience. Curly girl had finished her meal when she heard a very loud squeal of joy, happiness and excitement. Her mother ran towards her in a skirt the girl had not long bought her and embraced her with a very big hug. And at that moment curly girl knew, that love isn’t just the way a mother treats you. But love is hidden, in small everyday things, giving something up to make someone else happy, being patient and just everyday niceness. Her mum might not be the best at physical or verbal love, but she does love her. Going to work and feeding curly, searching for curly girl even is a form of love. Love is what the girl and her mother always shared it just wasn’t the same kind of material love the world is used to.  


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