The spiritual house.

The house has been there for years however the neighbourhood wants out! They decide to hire three boys but are they who they say they are, will their secrets be let out and can they stop the horrifying spirits from scaring the neighbours any more?

(p.s i havnt put any chapters in this story, but enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it!)


1. The spiritual house.

The spiritual house.

Everyone had heard of the story, how no one was allowed on that lawn or in that house; four children had gone missing only because they were curious about this lonely long-standing house. One night when the sky was dark and the clouds flooded the dull night, the house stood mysteriously in the blackest shadows. The derelict house had a chilling feel to it, there were thick washed out cob webs in every corner of the windowpanes and the pale wood, of which the house was made from, was snapped and splintered. No light had ever lit up in the discouraging windows, not from what anyone can remember anyway. A few people had seen a daunting, misty outline positioned in one of the murky windows but always thought they were seeing things and their image in their head had always been elapsed. Many long lasting years went by and neighbouring houses had changed, some people had moved in and out of the houses but most of them remanded, still curious of the gloomy house. Meetings had been attended about the bloodcurdling house; many suggestions had been put in to get ghost whispers in to talk to whoever was secretly wondering about the sinister house. The last suggestion was for a few volunteers to enter the house and that was precisely what happened. One night, the moon hangs high in the sky and the night is extraordinarily quiet, three men who are in their twenties got ready to invade the house in the deadest of the night.   They stand staring at the gigantic mess wondering who is going to go in first. The three men are quite tall although they are young, one has dark brown hair and is a little thinner than the others and the second has rich ginger hair and blue eyes that are as big as saucers’. His eyes also have a feeling to them which you feel when you glance in them, a kind of feeling that makes you feel sorry for him. The third man had blonde hair; he has a grey, stern face and looks like he is not in the mood for laughter. They walk through the mysterious, rusty gates passing it to one another until the last person gets it. They walk along the grey, cold, cracked concrete until they get to the entrance to their doom. Each of them walks through the faint door and into the hall way which seem to have no colour. Furniture sits in despair; it has white sheets as if they were ready to be moved. As the two boys turn to look around the blonde man (whose face has never change) look at a door in horror as it swings open. It is empty. Nothing. Just a big window, a fireplace that had collapsed and a telly. Richard, the sad eyed man, ask one question which stuck into all their minds. “A telly? Why would an old house have a telly?” Richard asks “Don’t know, but anyone feel like there’s anyone behind us?” questions Adam, the stern face man. The three men twist around, hoping to find someone there but they are alone. Then they hear something, something that no one would ever want to hear. The scream of a woman, a fearful and sharp scream and the place it came from was the TV. It turns off with a fizzed black and white screen: Richard places his face to the screen hoping it would replay but it just turned off, he looks up at Adam and the third boy, Declon, in shock. Tears streaming down his face as he place his head in his hands.  “That’s my sister, my only sister!” he murmurs at the two men as they stood not knowing what to do. Richard looks at Adam and Declon, and then runs for the stairs as he did he hears shouting behind him, telling him to stop but he didn’t. The corridors are gloomy and each floor board makes a noise, he slams open every door as he walks passed looking out for a woman tied up, nothing. He came to the last door at the top of the house but it is locked. Impatiently, he knocks on the door, slowly getting louder as the seconds went by but there was no answer. Richard crouches down in the corner of the upstairs hallway and cries. His eyes are red and wet and his head is placed back into his hands. A strange light travels along the side of the sobbing Richard and as he looks up in anxiety the door that was locked became unfasten. With curiosity, he stood up and walks in. An uneasy shout comes up the stairs as Adam follows then Declon at the back. “Stop, rich, RICHARD, no, stop it’s a trap! It was too late. He was gone. Adam and Declon slowly made their way to the door; they open and walk in, back too back making sure nothing could hurt them too. There is no sign of Richard or any weapon that could have killed him, just another empty room but this one has a piano which stands as the centre piece. Adam leaves his protection of Declon and investigates the piano. Carefully he runs his hand down the smooth, polished, black wood and opens the case which held the keys of the piano as Declon goes to investigate the walls to see if there are any doors. There is silence again, but that is before all the doors that Richard had opened, slams shut again. One by one, travelling up to the room that Adam and Declon is standing nervously in. The darkness starts to lock into the hallway again, but the two men stands there, not able to move a muscle. It was about five doors down when they start to slowly make their way to the exit, their eyes still fix and the self closing doors. As they get out of the trap room the door fixes shut and darkness drowns the two men. Adam pulls out a silver lighter to mark where they are standing. He flicks the switch and looks up to see a wrinkled face looking back; he drops the lighter and stands in complete silence. Fearfully, he shuts his eyes hoping this nightmare would leave, but it just got worst, his life flashes before his eyes but he wasn’t ready to give up now. Adam is not ready to die at twenty two years old, there are so many things he still wants to do like; get a car, a house, get married and have children. He knelt to the floor in search for the lighter again but it was already found by Declon. “Come on, we got a ghost to catch!” says Adam cheerfully “You changed your tune” comments Declon “I'm not ready to go yet, not now and not ever and you’re not going either. Well you coming or are we going to chat all night?” The two men look around at the grey walls, eager to find a secret door or a message. It was still shadowy all around and although they had been in the house for a long time it was still quite dark outside. However that didn't seem to stop either of them. As they are searching, Declon looks up. He scrunches his face up in wonder and looks around for a minute before informing Adam about what is wrong. “Can u hear it?” “Hear what?” questions Adam, “Declon what? We have to stick together; do not run, off have you got that?” But Declon didn't answer he just listens to what stops him dead.  A cry, another lonely sad cry, sobbing away carelessly at the end of the corridor. Even though Declon hears what Adam had said, he feels like he has to find this cry, look for who is neglected. His feet start to move forward and it felt like he couldn’t control them, he didn't hear Adam shout for him to stop; all he hears is this distressing cry and his heavy breathing. Declon comes to a room which looks like no one had been in it for years, cobwebs hang from the never ending ceiling and as he moves each one away; they seem to have wrap it around him again. There is still no sign of Adam anywhere but the problematical cry is getting louder and louder. He feels like he has been walking for a long time, turning a lot of corners and pulling off more white sheets that he had seen in the mouth of the house. He comes to a corner that looks like the last, he sees a little girl under a sheet on the side of the walk way. Declon’s heart is in his mouth and he struggled to move forward to comfort the girl, for a few seconds he moves forward but changes direction. Without moving, Declon questions the girl. “Are you ok?” But she does not answer just carries on weeping; Declon moves closer and removes the sheet. The little girl looks about nine years old; she has light brown hair and a darker shade of brown eyes. Her hair is in two plats either side of her head and two indigo ribbons in each plat. She stops crying but her eyes still remain wet and sad emotion residues on her face while she looked up at Declon. “Are you ok? Where are your parents?” enquires Declon The girl didn't answer again she just smiles at Declon a smile that would scare any brave man. A discouraging smile that Declon knew that something is going to happen after but it didn’t. She pulls down the sheet which Declon had removed from her and vanishes within a blink of an eye. Declon is on edge and makes his way back through to where he first entered and that was where he rejoins with Adam. Declon was about to speak when he felt his throat closing up, he couldn’t speak he couldn’t even breath. Automatically, Declon fell to the floor not being able to do anything and gasping for breath. Adam didn't know what to do and knelt down with him, his arm round his back. When he looks up, he notices a mirror; it is dusty and has a golden frame that hugs the mirror in. As he looks in, a girl is standing on the other side smiling and her head is tilted to one side until she notices Adam staring back at her and she ran off not looking back once. Declon could breathe again once the girl had gone and they sat down for a minute or two. “Promise me you won’t run off again” complains Adam Declon does not speak just a few short nods and he turns away. He felt stupid and was upset that he didn't listen to Adam; Richard had gone missing so why did he run off? He realises he could of died and didn't need telling. Once the two men had grip on what had happened they decide to move on, twisting and turning round corners and closing doors as they went through. Another room appears however this looked different from the rest. It has a warm feeling to it, a fireplace sits on the edge but this one is not dusty or broken, in fact it was lit and each flame is roaring with light. A red leather chair sits in front of the fire and a basket for what looks like a cat at the side of the fire. Another armchair sits next to the leather one but this one was flowery and looks like a woman’s chair. Adam goes to investigate the fireplace and Declon with the chairs, when Adam found a photo which is black and white. A man sits on the same chair as in the living room and a woman smiling in the background. In the front a little girl, which Declon recognises to be the same girl who tried to kill him, and a family cat in her arms. The man has wrinkles to show the years he had witness and has a drink in his hand, which makes Adam think of him as a bit of a drinker, when Adam looks closer and has a flash back to when he dropped the lighter. “That face.” He mumbles “What about it?” Declon questions concerned about what he is about to say. “It looked at me, earlier; do you remember when I dropped the lighter?” “I thought you burnt yourself” comments Declon jokingly “no, when I flicked the lighter that face was staring back at me” as a permanent  stress look crosses Adam’s eyes, a look which Declon had never seen him do and this indicates to him that something is wrong. “We’ve seen two of the family members, where’s the other one?” inquires Adam “Other two, you forgot the cat.” Declon sniggers, as he points at the basket but stops when Adam looks at him, not with laughter but with a serious face that makes Declon uncomfortable. Adam folds the picture up and places it in his pocket and turns to the door as the sound of someone coming reaches them both. The footsteps get louder and the sound of floor boards creak with every step they hear. Until it discontinues, a shadow peaks under the door and the handle starts to descend down. The door flings open and the sad eyed Richard stood on the other side of the dark wooden door. Declon looks in shock of the return of Richard but Adam’s fearful face remains throughout, Richard steps forward to reunite the three of them together when the fireplace stops roaring a radiant orangey flame and changes to a blue blaze that is very unnatural. As the log in the fire burns away, and turns to charcoal which is blacker than the night, the original three men moves on to the next weird room. As they all thought it is easy to be able to get out things just got worst, before they come close to the door it jams shut and they become trap like mice. As Declon and Richard try to open the door, Adam becomes concern about another problem. It is ok being lock into a warm and cosy room, but to have the fireplace leaking the fire which should remain inside the chest of the fireplace is a completely different matter. As the fire spits out, like snakes spitting venom, a newspaper page floats to the ground and the fireplace changes back to its orange flicker. Nothing seems to burn but a newspaper that crunches on the floor. As Adam stops the fire from smouldering the paper anymore and he reads the headline in his head, it reads; Murder mischief mistakes man!  Adam recognises the headline straight away; he should of considering it is about him. He is the murderess mischievous boy and the one who killed a man because he thought he was someone else. Adam scans the newspaper with regret, hoping the other two has not seen the article or heard of the story, they had not mentioned it so surely they wouldn’t know. Declon sees the half burnt article and moves towards Adam. “Did you really do it?” Adam let out a short sigh and replies as nicely as he could, “Yes, I didn't mean to, it just sort of happened. So many people say murder is your own choice but it’s not, it’s controlling and addictive. It controls every cell, every muscle and every bone in your body until... until there’s nothing left to do, until you get tired of the names and every blood stain that remains on your hand forever.” “I know, my uncle is in prison. He went mad, trying to kill me and my girlfriend.” He looks up at Adam's sad face “he tried to kill us because I didn't ring him up one day, drinking of course.” Adam sniggers at the fact of the excuse and Declon soon joins in. The door swings open and Richard steadies it by standing in front, making sure it did not close again. Adam and Declon turn towards the disruptive member of the team and walk towards him leaving the room alone once more. As they follow one another down the corridor, watching every patch of darkness that they walk past, they come to a room which looks like a pets quarters. The three men explore the room, when Declon notices a strong glow inside of a broken cupboard. As he opens the door it fell off in his hand causing a loud noise which alerts the other two members. He reaches into the old cupboard, while Richard and Adam supervise behind, and pulls out a jam jar which contains an inexplicable glow. As he inspects the jar a face of a cat appears in the middle of it and disappears as the glow circulates the jar. All three of them knew the cat and as it reappears Adam pulled out the old photo graph and held it beside the jar. It is the same cat, but was it that one? is someone helping them out? All three of them get closer to the jar to find out what is going on when a bang occurs behind them. As they all sharply turn around to see what is going on they find three more jars lying on their side rolling around until they have no more force left in them to roll. Richard anxiously picks up the jar and broke the silence once more. “Do you think we have to trap the spirits?” Declon nods worriedly as Adam took one of the jars out of Richards grasp. “We all take one each and are responsible for one sprit.” Demands Adam Declon walks over to Richard and took the second jar and turns to Adam. “How do you think we trap them?” “With a hoover” laughed Richard Declon looked at Richard with disappointment. “A hoover.” Repeats Adam, then he goes to a cupboard which sits at the back of the room and pulls out a hoover. “You can’t be serious? Please don't say you are!” said Declon acting all grown up. “what's next we going to start running round singing, who you going to call? Ghost busters!” “They will hear us coming” Richard answers as Adam had ran out of the room to find another two hoovers but fails. He returns a while later and explains the plan. “We are going to search for a ghost; Declon you the girl, Richard you the mum and I’ll take the dad. When you see one turn the hoover on, you” Adam explains pointing to the corner of the room, Declon and Richard's face goes wide. Adam turns once more but alot slower to reveal the dad, he reacts and switches the hoover on, the spirit tries to pull itself out of the trap but it is too late and it disappears within a blink of an eye. He pushes the switch twice backwards and places the jar in front of the suction pipe as the sprit flows out into the clear glass. “Do it like that” he finishes and places the lid onto the top as he removes his hand. Declon picks up the cat spirit and places it with the dad into a rucksack which Adam had put in there before. Their luck changes when they try to find the other two sprits, they search everywhere and then try the ‘where would you go if you were’ technique. They decide to search for the girl and thought she would be in her room which wasn’t that easy to find but soon became easier when they thought she likes pets. They then travel back upstairs and go next door to where the pet room is. Adam open the door curiously and find the girl sitting in the room brushing a doll’s hair. The doll has a missing eye, her arm is twisted back and her hair is very matted. Adams attention is on the girl who has not notice them but is humming very loudly. Richard passes the hoover down to Adam to trap the girl when she turns and stand up. “You weren't thinking of hurting me was you?” questions the girl “I would cry if you did” She stares Declon in the eye but didn't notice what he is doing. He moves his hand towards the suction pipe and the on button, but she detects so he moves rapidly and gets her instantly. The doll drops to the floor and the twisted arm broke but the three men didn't notice as they became too involve in their mission. They saunter to the entrance hallway where they transfer the girl into a jar as she screams as loud as she could, hoping it would free her but it didn't. “The last spirit” Declon sighs   “Why are you sad?” solicit Richard “it’s been mental” The three men chuckle for a while but then they were alert to see the sun rising. They all amble away leaving the sprits on the side table next to the front door to find the mother. They all go straight to the kitchen to see the mother sitting at the table crying. “O, great, another trap” groans Declon “I don't think it is” counter Adam “you stay here, if things get messy hoover her up” Richard nods and Adam moves slowly in. “Are you ok?” She didn't answer but turns away. “How are you doing with my family, quite a handful aren’t they?” requests the mother “How did you...?” enquire Adam “You wouldn’t have known what to do if I hadn’t helped you, you would have known where to find my family if I hadn’t of sent them to them rooms” inform the mother “now trap me, get it over and done with, well come on what are you waiting for?” “Wait, why did you won’t to help us?” Adam requests “They’re not exactly the best family, they always push me around; even the cat has more control over me.” Adam has a change of thought, he knew she is good and they had freed her from the monstrosity of a family so he walks away. “Wait, what are you doing?” raises the mother “Why would I want to trap you, you’ve done nothing wrong” The mother sighs and stands up. “God bless you, God bless you all” she smiles and floats away. “You have to promise something though!” raises Adam The mother turns to listen, “don't open those jars, no matter how much you won’t too!” “Understood” promises the mother and carries on wondering around the house. The sun peaks inside the window and shines on the three brave men; they all turn and make their way towards the front door at last. Outside smelt fresh, alot of neighbours run out of their houses to congratulate the new heroes and the smile on each of their faces grew big and wide. Adam, who will come in partnership with Declon, will own his own businesses. Richard will become an actor within horror films and will write his own books, one to be called the controlling family. The house will be left alone for me to freely own and as for the other three family members; they will stay trapped, or will they?

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