I Do Not Belong Part I

A boy aged of 13 called Johiah, a girl aged of 11 Haistings and there daughter and son aged 2 called Casta (girl) and Ahern (boy) what will happen (Casta and Ahern not part of the beginning).

Johiah has to leave the country for a year and Haistings has to look after her children all by herself, the thing she does not know is that there is someone after her and her children and the only person that can help them is...


1. The Birth Of A New Beginning

Johiah is a thirteen year old boy who's dad got murdered a year ago by assassin's. Not long now until it is his turn, him and his family yet to be will be taken away and torcher will begin.

He was on his way to school s he meets a girl from the school next to his, a beautiful girl with

" georgus flowing blond hair, rich dangerous eyes and a dreamy curvy body, what a girl!" Johiah thought to himself

As soon as Johiah got his courage up he moved swiftly towards her and started talking to her, he asked her questions like; hey whats your name, How old are you, do you want to get together. His strange ways of getting to know her payed off.

"Hey I'm Haistings, I'm not gonna tell you how old I am and I would have to get to know you better first!" she replied confidently.

She was a very smart young girl and Johiah couldn't help to like her even though he was two year older than her yet he did not know that yet. He told her his name, how old he was and how much he liked her. There was things about him that he did not know and soon had to find out.


After school he waited outside Haistings' school, waiting for her to come out. When she finished she walked home with him and got to know him better she found out; Johiah's dad died, his mum died giving bith to him, his brother went missing, his other brother died of an over-dose, his sister got taken away to find out everything about there dad and he escaped them . It was a tense walk home,he felt like someone was watching him and was listening to everything he was talkng about.

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