Deadly dance of love

This story is about Florence Greece who never in her entire life has known love. She thinks it's a mental illness for the weak minded until she meets a certain person at her dance lessons. Who she absolutely hates for makeing her feel love. A request from my loveing fan dropdeadjodieexx ;D


1. ~Love: A mentall illness~

Love is not great. It is not fantastic. Love sucks. But no one but me seems to think that. It is a mental illness. It does not exist! I don't belive in all that. Everyone is infected with this stupid desise but me. Well i'm not giving in. I wont fall for anyone. I saw what love can do and i don't want that. Love kills and yes i admit sometimes it does work out but thats because the people are completely bewitched.

My mom and dad hated each other just a few years after marrige. I saw how they used each others words against them. I saw how the love the had once "felt" ruined there lives. My mother even told me before she left me and dad that love sucks. I belive her. But dad...He keps on trying like he dosen't get the message. Mabe his case of the desise is uncureable? Who knows? God? If he knew why did he put this desise on earth? Why did he make it so deadly and why did he make everyone but me belive in it?

The only love i feel is to my best freind Rebecca. But that does not count. Or does it? Maybe i'm infected with a miner case. Or maybe it's not love but just strong feelings? ANyway she is the closest to love it can get. Of course i care for my dad but i wount say i love him. I can't express feelings with him it just feels wrong considering he has had five wives.

Rebecca just broke up with her X, Martin. She is totally heart broken and of course i'm there for her. But it just proves my theory. She is starting to belive me but its the same pattern every time. She gets a boyfreind, he breaks up, she is heart broken and i try to tell her how love realy is. She belives me until she finds someone else and then it starts again. Today she is crying over her X with me at her house in her room.

"There there come on Rebecca you know he didn't deserve you from the begining!"  She had managed to get my entire shoulder soaking wet in just minuts. Her black har witch she usually had comed and put in a bun so neatly was now curling around in a giant mess haging from her hair. She was still waering her pajamas even though it was two-o-clock. She sobbed in her bed with tissues all around her i just sad next to her carefully hugging her and trying to comfort her. She nodded and dryed her eyes in what seemed to be tissue number fiftyfour.

"Rebecca not to rush you but we have to get to dance class in like ten minutes!" I said while changing into my dancing clothes. I had a red tank top with leggins and red legwarmers. My har was put up in a messy ponytail. She finally got up. I was glad that she liked dance enough to get up from this misery. "Youre right i'll get changed and we can go." It took her five of the ten minuts we had to get dressed and come the birdsnest of her hair. We jumped on our bikes and rode as fats as we could. She seemed to be happy now. AT least i now have one trick up my sleeve to get her out of bed next time.

We slammed up the doors of the dance studio and lucky us they they had not started yet. "Right on time gals." Our teached noticed and we took potitions for the first dance rutine together with the five others on the team. "Five- six-seven-eight!"

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