Missing, but there.


1. The blackout.

"Where... where has she gone?" I sniffed, holding back a waterfall of tears.

"How do I know, I only saw what you saw," Morgan grinned, not emotional or concerned at all. The blackout seemed like it had happened years ago and we were still talking about it. But it had just happened and somehow Alisa got taken. Taken to somewhere unknown. For all we know she could have got murdered by now. But who..? Who took her, why did they take her? This is something we needed to find out, soon. 

"I'm going out. You coming?"I swallowed, wiping the one tear that had secretly escaped from the corner of my eye.


Why was Morgan so ignorant? She doesn''t even care one bit that Alisa could be potentially dead! Well, I do. I care so much that I'm risking my life to find her, save her... if it's not to late.

So I set off, wandering uselessly through dark alleyways and pitch black streets, searching high and low for a mysterious looking building or a creepy house. 

Suddenly, when I was thinking on going back, a tall, bearded man bumped into my arm, knocking me flying. He looked strange but harmless...
















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