Pangs of love

Something i wrote two years ago, when i was still innocent to the realities of the world, not that i am saying i am any more worldly, just i don't think this is something i would produce now. Now it would be darker, less confident. Back then i was intense though i guess.


1. Pangs of love

Absent, floating in a wild wind towards the love from first sight


Rolling one last cigarette to add to the tar collecting in your throat

Step lightly and lose your self control to the thrill of the fight

Going sadly in circle hopeless, like a one man boat

Cast a subtle melancholy across the river you met her at

Let the flecks of rain set on your pale skin, and glisten

Approach the wooden bench she is sat

Compel her one last beautiful time to listen

Put out the cigarette, choke out the last puffs of smoke

Stomach wrenching, head thumping, pulse racing

Fast and concise your words tumble out your mouth as they’re spoke

Inside your mind the inner you is constantly pacing

Hoping against pure hope that the relationship will mend

If it doesn’t, at least you’ll still have a friend

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