My Lover's Gaze

A short poem written by myself in old-english fashion. Influenced by the works of Shakespeare, this is the first poem I have written and it reflects how much I adore someone very special in my life.


1. My lover’s gaze

My lover’s gaze

Staring deep into your captive gaze, Your beauty inside never fails to amaze.

Long hazel hair flows through the wind, Pure and clean, for you hath not sinned.

Smooth white skin so great and cleansed, Something special within you I have sensed.

Smile large and lure me in,

For you have not but only win,

My heart and soul and so much more; You are the one that I adore.



But you do not see how much I strive, And pain; for around you, I feel so alive.

Parent’s come forth and arrange my love, But, with another lost and impure dove.

One day together, we shall be.

Eternity outlived – You and me.



By Jonathan Cowley

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