The ring of distillation.

My story for the love competition :) <3 x

Roxanne and her best friend Georgia is faced with a criminal gang who want something Roxanne lost long ago. They both fall for the one they love and have make quick choices within their days to insure that their lives are safe. Roxanne's love is handsome and easy to fall for, what with those glimmering blue eyes and perfectly groomed blonde hair, but why does something in her head tell her to walk away and will her choices cause chios in her life?

A mixture of love, action, reality and choices!


1. The start of something new.

As I sit in my flat on rose bud street something on the news catches my eye: something I never thought I would hear, but I did. I sit up, uncomfortable with my current position and I listen carefully...

Knock, knock, knock... shivers run down my spine as my hair on my arms stand up. I slowly make my way towards the door, picking up a pan from my kitchen as I pass. I slowly unlock the door and jump back, pan still held tightly clutch in my hand ready to swing at any moment. The door swings open and my friend Georgia is stood behind, Wine and a DVD in each hand. I relax my arm as Georgia begins to become frightful at the reason I had the pan in the first place. We move towards the kitchen, shutting the door firmly behind us.

“Been watching too many horrors again Roxanne?” Georgia chuckles.

“No, didn’t you see the news, mass murder, thief on the loose. Scared that, well that was going to be him I suppose.” I state, becoming embarrass at my performance.

We both begin to laugh, opening the Wine and pouring it into two long wine glasses; I reach for the chocolate box that I place in the top cupboard, ready for the all times when me and Georgia have a girly DVD weekend. We sit on my sofa, placing the Wine and chocolates on the table as we do.

“So,” Georgia begins, “what have you been up to then?”

“To be honest, nothing much. We caught the hotel killer; it was a 27 year old woman, angry at the world,” I state shaking my head, side to side as I think about her, “even lonelier now in a cell, than ever.”

I am detective you see, a London detective keeping the streets safe from murders and other evil, except only the police, Georgia and of course, I know about my job. After events in my life I wanted to do something that would pull these criminals to their justice! 

“Well, I and Arden are thinking about moving in together...” Georgia proposes.

“O, that's wonderful news Georgia; I really hope you both live happily together!” I respond cheerfully as I can, as I pick up my Wine and take a sip, realising it is way too strong.

“I want to talk to you about something though Roxanne, you see Arden really wants to come over too and...”

“You said yes, but forgot to ask me?” I interrupt, already knowing what she is about to say.

“Yes, he is waiting outside...” Georgia hints, hoping I will say to let him in.

“Well you don't want to let him freeze out there do you?” I declare letting Georgia have her way.

Georgia stands up from the sofa and walks towards the door, she turns towards me and smiles as she opens it, Arden and Georgia greet each other and I gulp down my Wine, knowing it is going to be a tough night with them two. I place the glass back onto the table in front of me and stand up ready to greet Arden into my home.

Arden is Spanish. He’s got a sharp posture and black hair that is perfectly done; his skin is a dark shade of coffee brown which is also portrayed as a perfect tan. His eyes have coldness in them, which seems like they were telling me ‘do as I say, and you won’t get hurt’.

I am then beginning to wish I hadn’t drunk the whole Wine that was in my glass, as a throbbing pain sits in the pit of my stomach.

“Thank you for letting me in, it is very kind of you. As I knew you were Georgia’s friend, I thought you might have like to share this, mind-blowing moment!” he whispered to me (in a fluent Spanish accent) before an unnerving smile spreads across his face.

Arden turns towards Georgia, reaches into his pocket and kneels to the ground. I try to stand on my tiptoes to see what is going on; when a large shock expression spreads across my face.

“Georgia, I know it’s only been a few weeks but I really do love you and a moment doesn’t go by when I don't think about you. So, Georgia will you marry me?” Georgia fills up with tears nevertheless she is able to give a weak nod

. I couldn’t believe it, I am six years older than Georgia yet she had loved, lost and now engaged before me. How is that even possible? I can feel my eyes becoming wet and I dash towards the bathroom, hoping neither of them sees me crying at my best friends exciting moment.

Georgia is my best friend ever. She has light ginger hair that is as fair as her face. But that is what makes her perfect. Her eyes are deep and blue, and they hold a million untold stories that are only known to her! She acts as if nothing hurts her at all, but I can always see in her face when she is offended. She is always there and even when it is dark for me, I still know she is there, ready with a torch and some batteries!    

I sit in the bathroom for about ten minutes when I realise that there has been no sound outside the bathroom since I had came in... I slowly open the door, wishing I have my pan again however I didn’t so I have to hope everything is going to be ok. The door swings open and hits me in the nose, causing a red liquid to fall freely from it, I fall down on my front and my hands support me from lying on the floor completely. A hand grasps my arm and pulls me up to my feet. I turn to see Arden, still perfectly groom but a cold expression on his face. He places a gun to my head and escorts me to my sofa where Georgia is, sat up, hands tied behind her back and black tape neatly across her mouth to prevent her from shouting. Arden sits me down and made a phone call in Spanish. I turn to Georgia; a scared look runs across her face as tears roll from her eyes once more. Georgia has always looked up to me as a friend and I knew I had to do something, now!

Arden put down the phone and turns towards me...

“What do you want?” I question, my detective instincts taking over.

“You are detective, are you not?” he answers as I nod gently but stupidly as I should of just said no.

I begin to think of the danger I had just put me and Georgia through, in fact I began to wish I had never let him in. Said no to Georgia, said it’s too risky: I wish I said I don't know who he is and then I start to think that Georgia didn't either!

“You have a ring, big diamond ring. Passed down from your family, yes?” He asks, taking over from my detective role. I nod once more; he lifts his gun up and points towards Georgia, his eyes red and bulging, his formidable look still present on his tanned bony face. I have to think fast, now or never. I look down on the table and see Georgia’s phone: I have a plan, but have no where to start. I look at the window behind Arden, making him feel uncomfortable and think someone is behind him. When he turns round curiously, I snatch the gun out of his hand and point it towards him while picking up Georgia’s phone and dialling the police’s number.

I help Georgia after I handcuff Arden and sit him, ready for the police, in our seats we were once apprehensively sitting in. A little while later the police arrive. We watch them put him into their police van; he is once again powerless and not dangerous nonetheless Arden pushes himself out of the van and he shouts something that causes my whole body go cold, “It’s not over Roxanne, WATCH OUT FOR THE APPLE; he’s the one that’s lethal!” The police push him back in; making sure the door is shut tight behind him. Those words ring through my head. Who is ‘the apple’? Why are they after me? And why are they after my ring?

I turn to the chief police officer, “there is no other gang member out here, impossible. Well if you see him, don't forget to contact us!” he says sarcastically. He then turns his back on me and Georgia before driving off. The street became silent again and the peace in my house is restored and Georgia is safely at home and I knew that I have to ‘watch out for the apple’ who ever that may be.

My night is very restless. I keep dreaming about a man kidnapping then murdering me but have no idea who he is.  

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