Lola is dead, but her afterlife is more than what she could have asked for.
This was a request by Evangilina, I hope you like it :D<3


1. Afterlife

At first, I thought I didn't deserve to die. But when you awaken as an angel in a place like this, then who cares if you live or not? I thought Heaven was supposed to be a place in the clouds with giant gold gates and cupids flying around. But nope. Heaven is so much more than that. It's stunningly beautiful with details even the human eye would miss. 

Standing here, watching the gentle water of lake ripple in front of me, the trees slowly swaying around me.

This is everything that Mother Nature is,  I thought, gazing up at the blue, cloudless sky. 

I will admit it to myself, when I was driving along the motorway with my boyfriend, I never knew I would die. But who thinks about such things? Ever you ever even thought about dying, and what it might be like to slip away? And to be honest, I am glad it was me who fell and not Tristan. Would he be mourning me now? I miss his soft touch, his warm lips against mine. He's all that is missing from my paradise.

I don't like funerals. Everyone wears black, listen to depressing music and cries all the time. Fair enough, you loved them and Death stole them so narcassistically from you. But shouldn't you be celebrating their life and not mourning their death? That's what I would be doing anyway. I'd turn up to a funeral in bright colour and smile, thinking to myself, yeah, maybe I do want to cry but shouldn't they be tears of happiness? Not that they're dead, of course, but because of such a fantastic life they've led and such good memories I've shared with them. 

I sat down and dipped my toes in the warm water and sighed. This is the life. Or afterlife, I should say. Pure bliss. I glanced out and watch the lake glimmer under the radiating sun that beams down above me. The water drifted into the distance and between two far away mountains. If I could fly, I'd go their right now.

Seconds later, I appeared on top of one of the mountains. I stoond, gaping, had I just teleported? I laughed at myself as I remembered this was Paradise, anything could happen. I imagined myself back by the lake and moments later, I was sat with my toe dipped in the water.

"Lola?" a soft, familiar voice whispered from behind me. "Is that you?"

I abruptly turned around, my heart lurched from my chest.

"Tristen," I managed. "You're here."

"I've missed you," he breathed, holding out his hand. Shakily, I took it and rose to my feet. 

I held my breath as I stared at him. He had died. 

Quickly, he pulled me to him and slung his arms around my waist. He crushed his lips to mine. 

"I love you," he muttered roughly in my ear before kissing it softly. He began kissing my neck as I slung my arms around his. 

"I love you too," he breathed, butterflies whirling around in my stomach and my heart pouding rapidly in my chest.

"Don't leave me," I whispered, tears of happiness stung my eyes.

"Never," he insisted, looking me in the eyes. "I promise."

His brown hair swept across his face, his blue eyes serious, yet full of passion.

I'd spend eternity with my soulmate and I'd never have to worry about the other blonde girls at school, trying to grab his attention, to lure him into their den.

He was mine, forever.

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