A poem about a guy who is attached to a girl, he uses her when he's bored, she really loves him but he uses her in a way that makes him attached to her.


1. Attachment

Your always there,      

Whenever needed, Whenever wanted, Whenever bored


When you need me,

I'm not there,

I'll be gone,

Like a butterfly.

It's not forever,

If thats what you thought,

I'll get bored, I'll come back,

For a while.


I've played you like a ball

I've used you like a shoe

But you never knew.

Like a criminal mastermind, I had you convinced,

I turned on the charm, and coaxed you in.


Betrayal, heartbreak, broken trust,

Thats us.


That time in the woods, we filled our lungs with smoke.

Thick smoke

Empty promises, false trust and heartbreak.

Thats what you inhaled.

You let it penetrate your body, it messed with your mind.


I'm toxic,

Deadly, poisonous, sharp.


You let me in,

You inhaled too deep


Under my spell

That you fell.


Theres no way out now

Your hooked. Like I am. When I want to be.


For you I'ts permanent,

For me its temporary.


Your always there,         

Whenever needed, Whenever wanted, Whenever bored,


Eight years.


But will you

Be there


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