Forbidden Love

Jess and Lew are tohgether they have been going out since last september 2 months, things are going bad though. Jess's dad's getting between Jess and Lew real fast and soon they wont see eachother anymore if they don't do something quick!
A Story By Nicole <3


1. Finally The Weekend.

Me and Lew were going to Marties after school with a couple of mates. We do this every Friday and chill there before going to Westwood park.

"Last period then were off" said My best mate Lauren.

She went out with captain of the football team, Darrel. Who was coincedentley My boyfriend Lew's best mate. They were always at the Sports ground, shooting hoops or kicking a ball around. We all went into history in a big huddle, then Miss Bailey told us to get into our seats because we were having a fun lesson. But fun with Miss Bailey isent always fun. Anyway we all sat down and wrote the date in our books. Miss started the lesson and in came Lucas and Ryan.

"Late as usual boys!" Miss Bailey said.

"Sos Miss, i had to finish my dinner, but dinner ladies tried to kick me out" Lucas moaned.

"Just sit down and get on with it then Lucas, no hastle for anyone then" Miss Bailey replied.

"Alright miss" Lucas said as he was sitting down.

Miss started talking blabering on about what we were doing, most people switch off at this because the teacher's at Westwood School arent exiting for the slightist. I sneaked out my phone from in my pocket and hid it under my desk, I started texting Lew because he was at the other side of the classroom.

Heeyaa Babee, wat time dus dis leson finish?xxx

My phone vibrated as it sent the message so i quickly slipped my phone back into my pocket. Then miss came round with a piece of paper which looked like a script. I glanced at it and It was on about a playscript, it said

There will be 5 people in this group, Cathrine, Anne, Henry and His Two Cortiers, you will chose the people too be in your group practise the play and preform by the end of the lesson.

Then there was lots of information and pictures, i folded the paper up and felt my phone vibrate, I slipped it out of my pocket and read a hreply from Lew

Hey Beautiful, think 3 r u in our group?xxx

I got up out of my seat and went over to Lew, he glanced and gave a smile,

"Hey Baby" He said

"Hiya ... what group do you mean?" I replied.

"You, me, Lauren, Darrel and erm, we can get Cameron over here" Lew Said

Cameron was on the football team, so he was considered to be one of us. Us 4 are best friends but we have others who join us every now and then. I looked at the time and it read 2:28, 32 minutes to go i thought. Fridays are the best day ever, not just because the weekend is coming but because of the lessons, I'm in all of Lew's on a Friday.

"Come on then, If miss wants a play, we shall give her a play" Lew Demanded

We gathered around the table and got a script each. I ended up being Cathrine, I was reading the lines and saying them just like in the olden days. Then came the time to proform, Miss chose our group to go first, Her egzact words were.

"Outstanding, what a profromance, Woo" She exclaimed, then with a warm "NEXT" afterwards. We sat down in our seats and waitied for the bell to ring, watching, texting, wating. We finally fineshed the acting 2 minutes before the bell.

"Books away" Miss proclaimed.


We all got the bus and made our way to Marties

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