D Is For Death Of Love

My beautiful guy, the most decent thing that has ever happened to me and i all has to stop because his dad is moving away, why must he go with him, why couldn't he just stay with me so we can get married!???


1. Lost In His Eyes

"Jasper, promise me that you will love me for eternity and never forget me" I bursted out to my big hunk Jasper

He replied in such a sweet voice "look into my eyes Crystal, I am one hundred percent sure that I will love you for eternity and never forget you, you will always be in my heart"

I didn't know what to think, I looked into his big silent blue eyes and fell in love all over again. My beautiful boy, so lucky to have him in my life.I will make sure that no girl, or boy gets between us. This time I'm sure of it, Daisy got between us and i got rid of her, we fell out because of her and she became my enemy. Jasper + Crystal, Crystal <3 Jasper written all over school, everyone knew we went out and thats that!


Second period was about to start and I had to say goodbye, it was a new year soIi had no idea what lessons he had and no idea what lessons I had and who with, last year i had to sit next to a boy called John, a terrible thing he was, I told miss and she said 'you'll sit where I tell you to sit and thats final!' Because of that I stormed out of the classroom and slammed the door behind me. This year is my year and no one is going to ruin it.

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