Dead or not

is about a girl who becomes a vampire after she tried to commit suicide and after her sister died

(det er en oversættelse af død eller ej)


1. My stupid life.


I was playing on my computer, or you can not really call it playing when it takes fifteen minutes just to open Internet. It was because of the snowstorm. It was bad, the worst in many years. And it's not so little when you live in Oklahoma, USA. We have not always lived here in Oklahoma, we used to live in the nice warm Italy. But my game annoying parents thought we should start fresh and move, and to start afresh, they meant "get away from where our daughter tried to commit suicide." Yes it's true, I Bella Julia Santiago had tried to commit suicide. And just so in the know, I am not particularly proud that it went wrong. I had tried to hang myself in my room, but my stupid parents seemed they would come home early from dinner and find myself half dead on the floor.

Anyway back to the present, it is Christmas, and no for me, Christmas is not a particularly happy time for me as it is for so many others. Now ask in safely, "and why not it." Well I shall tell you. My twin sister Maria, died Christmas Eve, she had cancer so it came as no big suprice, and yes, her death was one reason for my suicide attempt. But it was not just because she died, it was because that after she had been sick, I could not see her. Not a single time. Even after she died.

My thoughts were interrupted by my mother cry, "taxes, there is food". I sighed deeply and walked slowly down the stairs. There they sat, my parents and smiled, as if we had a really happy family, but I knew better. During the fake smile that hid the anger, grief, and perhaps even contempt. I knew they wish it was me who was dead and not Mary. I walked slowly away, and sat on the chair.

My parents still smiled their rigid fake smile while taking food. While I just sat and stared. "After how are you so in school," asked my mom sugar sweet. I looked up at her with a cold gaze and replied sarcastically, "It is as perfect now that Maria is dead, I'm so popular." My mother was completely white in the head, and it was certainly too much for my dad, because he stood up sharply and said, "Enough, go to your room". But I did not, I just looked stiff on them, got up slowly and walked back out the front door. I would have expected that they came out to pull me back, but it did not.

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