"To Love Without Measure"


1. "To Love Without Measure"

Love is a chessboard, Each move crucial and everlasting, Love is a flower, It takes gentle nurturing.

Love is an enigmatic maze, Perplexing, enthralling, Love is a river, Intermittent, meandering.

Love is the weather, Unpredictable and infuriating, Love is a thin layer of glass, Fragile to the extent of breaking.

Love is a dream that you are afraid of waking, Brimming with fear, Love is a battle, Losing is something you don’t want to hear.

Love is a gentle gust, Caressing your face, Love are the seasons, Temperamental at a rapid pace.

Love is as infinite as the sea, Brimming with deep emotions, Love is the night sky, Impenetrable devotions.

Love is the sunset, Sentimental rumination, Love is breaking dawn, A concoction of aspiration.

Love is anything you want it to be, Never avaricious nor sly, But it is always, Patient, forgiving, unconditional and kind.

Love is the journey of life, A cluster of gathering stars, Leading us to our destiny, Highlighting that the true meaning of love, Is simply “To Love Without Measure.”

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