I will never forget the day my girlfriend died, I wish it was me, she didn't deserve it she was an A* student and she had her whole life planned out, we had our whole life planned out.


1. I Will Never Forget!!!

My beautiful Chelsea, only 16 she was. I am 18, I was 17 when Chelsea died. She was my girl,my life, my responsibility! She died in my arms that very night she was run over, i was too so why didn't i die, i wish it was me and not her. she has a whole future ahead of her, well, had, a whole future. I had nothing and i still don't! Do you think I should just get over her?

I got with a girl called Stacey, she is extreemly nice and beautiful and caring and she is an A* as well. She is wonderful she is just like... she is just like Chelsea. I love Chelsea. It is time to move on i hope that the driver will kill himself after what he or she has done! I will find him and thats the end of it!

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