A Bird Like All of the Others


1. A Bird Like All of the Others


I'm trapped in my deceiving skin

in my inadequate flesh

with my fearsome bones.


On a lost day like this

I long to be a bird like the others,

flying carelessly in the air

with soft breezes enveloping me.


A normal bird soaring in the infinite blue

through golden clouds.

Free from worry and other wordly troubles.

A bird like all of the others.


But birds have minds too

and my mind is what weighs me to the ground

by not loving anymore.


Motionless, I'll stand,

as had my wings been ripped from me.

I'll be left behind, echoing:

"What's a bird worth, if she can't fly?"

And the other birds fly away.



My mind, so scarred,

no longer willing to love.

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