The most wonderful thing...


1. The most wonderful thing...

It feels constant and never ending,

It feels protective and safe,

It feels natural and comfortable,

It feels strong and powerful.


It feels like a warm glow of sunshine,

It feels like nothing can hurt you,

It feels like a bond has been created,

It feels like nobody can ruin anything.


It feels sad and depressing,

It feels like nothing can make it better,

It feels heavy on top of you,

It feels as if the pain will never heal.


It feels like you are accepted,

It feels you can never go wrong,

It feels soothing and healing within your soul,

It feels that whatever happens someone's always there.


It feels like everything is meant to happen,

It feels as if you are shared between everyone,

It feels joyful and happy,

It feels like the most wonderful thing... love



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