Love is Not a Mockingbird

This is a love poem inspired by Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird"
Created especially for Valentines Day, I wish all the lovers in the world happiness and may their love be protected well!!


1. Love is not a Mockingbird

Love is not a mockingbird; its wings will never fly, Instead it lands inside your heart and stays there til you die.  

Love will never sing a song; the person you love shall sing for you, The time you spend together will provide you with the tune.  

A mockingbird will stay on its perch and watch things from afar, Love will sweep down like a hawk with talons to rip apart.  

The mockingbird beckons with the sweet promise of spring, Love will beckon the thoughts of desire, vanity and sin.  

Mockingbirds are born from eggs smooth, white and round, Love will creep into your mind so swiftly without a sound.  

The mockingbird is innocent, a heart of pure white, Love can be as red as blood or turn as black as night.  

The feathers of a mockingbird glows in lights of sunset, The heart burns fierce with love, like fire on its quest.  

The mockingbird might be alone with no one else to share, With love you live and die for the person who you care.  

The mockingbird is protected by Mr Atticus Finch and Scout, If you do not protect your love, the fire will burn out.

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