Valentines day

Competition entry


1. Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day I smile that awkward smile. The one that tells the world I have no one. Loneliness is the stuff of the romantics. But for us morals it’s the stuff of suicide. Not real suicide, not the wrist slashing, pill popping variety. Though that is one outcome; one solution. Social suicide; driven on by the craziness of socially approved sentimentality. With plastic liquid heart we grab at anyone who will have us. With one eye on our love, the other on the next one we will love. The better offer: the newer car, the bigger house. Just as long as we get a pink bit card, with tinsel at the edges. On this special day.

Still it’s your life to waste on someone who: Doses not know you or care about you. Someone who would run from you if they knew what dwelled beneath. They would run anyway if they were not so scared to be alone…

So enjoy your special day…

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