Is it love?

This is a love story based in a utopia, the characters are Jackson Mechlor and Amelianna Heart. They are both at the stage in life when they need to marry, and the ALS has paired them together. For a special a reason? I wonder.


1. Awaiting

I open my eyes. I look around, I am in a room. Actually to be specific, I am in the Sleeping Chamber. I swallow and think that my throat is a bit dry. Immediately a glass of juice materialises on my bedside table. I pick it up and gulp it down. And then I stretch, thinking that I should get out of bed to get ready for the day ahead. My duvet cover slowly disappears and clothes materialise by my feet. I look down on the floor, as expected shoes have appeared. I pull my nightdress off and throw it somewhere; it will disappear in a moment of two. Then I put on my bra and underwear. I am wearing a match set with strawberries on them. Then I slip on the light powder blue blouse and put the black skirt on. Then I swing my feet down, they naturally slip into the navy blue heels. Then I get up, straight away I am whisked off to the bathroom where I give my hair a quick brush and I brush my teeth. After which I walk through to my kitchen. I press a few buttons and my meal materialises in front of me. It’s steaming hot and looks delicious. I sit down and eat. Mmm, delicious as always.

I live in ALS No. 245, in my station there are around 1000 of inhabitants. Each of them houses one person. My station is for singles who are soon to be wed. I will only be staying in this ALS for around three months. In which I will get to know my suitable suitors and pick one out. The ALS does everything for us. Just as I think of my schedule for the day a file materialises. I open it up, I have finished my meal and I press the finish button on the table and the food disappears. I pick up the file and walk over to my living room. It’s white and has really comfortable sofas. The ALS switches on the television and I say ‘Hello, so who am I meeting today?’ A womanly voice replies, ‘Good morning, Ms. Heart. Today you will be meeting with Candidate No. 4. His name is Jackson Mechlor.’ ‘What does he do?’ ‘He works as a mechanic.’ I take in a breath; the ALS has chosen someone below me. As a Heart I am a very proud person, I do not need to work, I only have hobbies. To marry below me, ‘But,…’ ‘Miss. Heart, he fits your criteria perfectly. He is the same age as you and is a very successful mechanic.’ If he fits the criteria, ‘Please put up a picture.’ ‘Yes, Miss Heart.’ The picture is pulled up and I release the breath, he does indeed fit my criteria. His eyes are dark and mysterious and he has a curious smile. I think, ‘When is my meeting?’ ‘You will be meeting Mr. Mechlor for lunch, Miss Heart. There is a booking for the both of you at Chez Moni.’  I smile and say ‘Thank you. I will require a change in clothing I think.’ ‘Yes, Miss Heart. The items are already on your bed.’ I smiled, the ALS was amazing, it could always predict what each and every person wanted. I walked back into the Sleeping Chamber, and looked at the selection of clothes, they were perfect. I took out my blouse and skirt, and then I pulled on the vest top and then I shrugged into the tight cut blazer. Then I pulled on the dark blue jeans that made my legs look long and thin. Then I zipped up the ankle boots. I looked quite good; I must not only impress Jackson but any potential suitors that I may meet in Chez Moni. I pressed a button which activated the hover system to take me to the bathroom. I sat down on the chair and picked up the selection panel. I selected a chignon for my hair and decided on the ‘Spring Time’ look. I closed my eyes and let the work be done. When the process was complete I was presented with a mirror. I looked healthy and fresh, part of my hair was put up, and the rest was on my shoulders. I was ready. I went to pick up one of my bag which would already have everything I needed, the ALS dealt with it. I walked to the exit of the ALS, the door opened and I left.

I got onto the travelator outside my ALS space; it would take me to the square. I looked around, the station was very elegant, and it was after all made to promote loving feelings. All the flowers are in shades of red and pink, the weather displayed in always beautiful and the ALS system was especially efficient in this station. I looked up at the station clock, it is projected up on the ceiling for everyone to see, it will be lunch time in fifteen minutes. So I will be on perfect time. Lunch time is the same for everyone in the station since the station is specifically made for matching up couples all appointments are made for lunch and dinner. As I saw Chez Moni I stepped down the travelator and walked towards it. I was looking forward to this lunch date, it was going to be good. I just hope that he read my file as closely as I read his. I don’t want to reject his order.

I stood in front of the entrance, it slid open.

‘Welcome to Chez Moni. May I know your know, mademoiselle?’ ‘Miss. Heart I have a lunch booking, I believe.’ ‘Yes, Miss Heart. I will show you to your room.’ Restaurants in this station are divided into rooms to make sure that your date will have full privacy. I looked around, it seemed that many of the rooms were occupied by dates.

I sat in the room waiting, contemplating what I should order for him, you see, for the first date the matched couple will order for each other to see if they are suitable for each other, in taste and cuisine. I already knew what Jackson’s favourite food was and what he disliked, but I wanted to order him something special.

‘Sir, the lady awaits you.’ I hear rough but smooth voice say, ‘Thank you.’  

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