Learning to love again

A story of love, loss and learning to love again...


1. Chapter 1

“Yes, yes! Oh god yes.” She cried, as a wave of ecstasy surged around her body .

“Oh wow, you are amazing” The man underneath cried out in return.  

As the surge of electricity left the two naked bodies, the girl, Lottie James, dismounted her sexual partner and pulled the covers over her body as she lye back down in bed and took a sip of her nearly empty glass of wine.  

Less than five minutes later she sighed as frequent snores came from her latest one night stand.  

Irritated and tired she fluffed up her pillows, whilst taking sight of the naked man in her sheets. Jordan, or was it James? She thought wearily as she mentally took in his figures.

Twenty seven, employed, Six-three in height and ridiculously handsome. Toned and tanned, she remember him telling her all about spending the summer helping out with some manual work at his Parents Vineyard in Southern Italy.  

Or so he said, she thought bitterly.

He probably spent the past eight weeks impressing a series of Italian Supermodels with the best of his family’s vintage vino before shagging them on his parents land under the hot August sun. Ha!  

“Ahem.” She coughed and looked over to see his reaction.  


“Ahem!” She coughed a little louder this time whilst simultaneously giving him a little nudge in his side.  

“Ow...Oh, hi beautiful. Ready for round two already?”  

Lottie rolled her eyes. She looked at the time. 3:05. She had to be up in just over four hours.  

“I’ve got to be up early in the morning so...so...would you like me to ring you a taxi” She said, in a tone that was now miles away from the seductive and flirtatious voice she had used to get him in to her bed last night.  

Jamie had obviously not detected the change in tone.  

“Ah babe, don’t worry about it, I’ve got to get up early too. You set the alarm and we’ll get some sleep. Come here, we can snuggle.”  

Lottie shuddered. The word snuggled literally made her shudder.

Jamie didn’t notice that either.  Pulling a satin dressing gown around her body, Lottie made her way to the other side of the room and dialled the number so often dialled on her Blackberry. Her local taxi service.  

Ten minutes later of awkward small talk- on his part, not hers, Jamie was long gone. Getting in to bed she noticed a neatly folded piece of paper with 11 digits hurriedly scrawled on it.  Are you kidding? She thought to herself.

Irritated and tired after being so sexually satisfied only an hour ago, Lottie closed her eyes.  

Another night. Another man. Another notch on the bed post.

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