Love I Never Lost

This is a story about a lady called Lily who revisits her past and steps into her future.


1. Back to the beginning.

Before I tell you my life story lets go back to the beginning where i want to share with you my most precious moments when i was a youngster, Oh and before i carry on my friend will be mentioned in this story alot. Just a warning.  

It all started when we first went to kindergarten I was scared, lonely and I didnt know what to do until this strange looking boy walked over to me and handed me a black sticky lollypop we instantly became best friends, His name was Riley.  Riley had black scruffy hair that fell down his face and shone in the sun,he had blue sparkling eyes. I'de never had a friend like this before, Of course i was only young so i didnt have many anyway but we have lots and lots of things in common, its like we were meant to be best friends. But just in a split second everything went wrong, Along came a little miss perfect that tried to steal my best friend. We hated each other. Her name was Eve. She finally took him away from me, i was alone, with no best friend. My mouth felt like it was going to fall out of my stomach, I just felt physically ill. But no need to worry, I got him back and everything went back to how it used to be, exept Eve was still there, which of course i had no control of. Sadly. Most horrible thing of all was when my parents decided to move my schools me and Riley completly lost contact and I made new friends, But none was like Riley. None.

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