Girl with a pearl earring

Hi Guys,

Title obviously inspired by the Vermeer painting/ Chevalier novel :)

Short poem, left a bit of mystery in there, I'm thinking I should defo expand on it, do you think it'd be better as a longer poem or should I make a story out of it?

Thanks! xx


1. Girl With A Pearl Earring


Girl With a Pearl Earring 


The ballroom was gleaming,

The shoes were all shining,

Together after years but nobody knew,

The secret that would terrorise this noise, the ballyhoo

She climbed up the stairs,

Clasped at her ears,

Alas one had fallen,

She mustered some grace,

Covering the missing gem,

With her long  blonde hair,

Glided in like a swan,

Her horrors were near,

As she danced the night away,

Epitome of elegance and flair,

Letting herself flow,

As does a light summer breeze,


The thing downstairs,

Nobody would now know,

However, unfortunately for her,

The stains of red,

Everybody saw. 

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