The Tales of Klaus Pepperwire

"that boy!" said my grandfather, almost a hint of laughter in his voice "I tell him to do one thing and he does another! Somehow you never fail to surprise me Klaus, I thought that you would be infatuated by Penelope, but I suppose I was wrong. Falling in love with a fairy indeed!'


1. Preface

Preface “In the deepest depths of the realm of dreams live the little people, fairies. Magical creatures often unbeknownst to men. They live in great secrecy, hiding all they do in order to survive. Everything, all they do, weave and bake and create is more beautiful than any man could do, even in his dreams… “But, there is a price to pay. The fairies are dying. Consumed by darkness, their king can no longer protect them. They must fight, or die. They need-”  

Rubbish!’ my father cried ‘what nonsense! Have you no other books? Perhaps a war story or a battle tale would be more suitable?’ He stood up, ‘I’ll see if I can find you something else.’ He said, ‘goodnight’. ‘goodnight father’.  

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