The one that I most treasure

A mother and daughter affection!!!


1. Curiosity

The snow settled on the solid, concrete ground. It settled as gently as owl without a peep. It was a calm atmosphere. It was twilight. The stars were fading away in the deep blue sky. The moon was hidden, but nowhere to be found. I looked up at the naked sky, feeling overwhelmed. The snow landed on my face, it was cold against my bare skin. It lit up my day, but there was another element that made by day better. The one that I treasured, my mum. Side by side we walked together, the snow landing without a peep on our heads, not disturbing our moments. Hand linked, I felt so close and I felt loved. I felt the heat radiating of my loved one. I couldn`t ask for any more than this to God. He gave me everything, but slowly I lost all of them and all I had left with me was my mum. She has always been there for me. When I cried, she comforted me. When I asked her for something, she always got it for me; she did not care about the price. All she cared about was that I was happy. She never failed to do anything. She always tried her best, to make me the happiest person in the world. I couldn`t ask God for anything else other than my mum, the person that I think is my world.

The silence broke. I looked down from the bare sky to face the one that I most treasured. She stared of smoothly. She got my attention. Our pace decreased. That is where my heart broke. She started to bellow at me, she started to question. She started to ask me why I did this to her. I did not know what she was talking about, I was totally clueless. Was she suspecting me? Tears leaked from my eye. I tried to hold it back, but failed miserably. She jolted me to a stop and made me face her. The next thing she said totally broke my heart. `I have heard a lot about your behaviour around boys and I believe it is true. Now you tell me, what have you done? You’re the only one I loved and the only one I have left. And now you totally betrayed me. I bought you everything you wished for, I wanted you to be happy, but you took advantage of me. `

I was mortified. How could my mum, the only person I love suspect me? How could she believe what other people said was true? How? I couldn`t stand it anymore. She suspected me. That hurt me more than anything else. She could have just stabbed me through my heart. It would have not been as hurtful as the words she spoke. I broke my gaze with the person I thought loved me. I took my eyes to the innocent looking sky above us. I sent a silent prayer to God `why make me suffer. Just kill me. Do I have to hear these words escaping from my mum`s mouth. Is that what you wanted? ` I did not know what to do? I could not stay with her. She hated me. Why would she want me? She will just suspect me more? I can`t stand it. All of a sudden I thought, there was no meaning to my life anymore, so why live? I had no other options, but only one which was to commit suicide.

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